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'Law & Order: SVU' detective is down, but not out (The Record, 07/04/06)

Vincent visits to revel in the city (The Daily Telegraph, 01/01/05)

He's said to be the best character actor in the world (The Herald, 10/01/05)

'L&O' Star Orbach Fighting Cancer (Zap2It, 02/11/04)

Law & Order’ star looking forward to new roles (MSNBC, 10/01/05)

It's not often that a critic is able to tell a performer what happened on her own show. (Rocky Mountain New, 17/01/05)

Hey, It's Van Buren! (TNT, 16/03/05)

EW review: Grading the 'L&O' spin-offs 'SVU,' 'Trial by Jury' and 'CI' do well by parent -- usually (Entertainment Weekly, 20/04/05)

NBC clashes with Tom DeLay on Law & Order (Yahoo! News US, 26/05/05)

Behind the Scenes of Law & Order (TNT, 01/03/05)

Chris Noth Looks Back (TNT, 01/03/06)

March Returns to Role with Fresh 'Conviction' (Zap2It, 03/03/06)

Wolf Points Out Differences in 'Law & Order' Franchise (Zap2It, 09/01/02)

'Oz' Ex-Con Dons a Badge for 'Trial by Jury' (Zap2It, 27/02/05)

Cohen Lends 'Trial by Jury' an Arresting Presence (Zap2It, 01/05/05)

Belzer Munches on a Bit of TV History (Zap2It, 15/04/05)

'Law & Order's' Lieutenant Takes Center Stage (Zap2It, 29/11/05)

FCC Tells 'L&O' Crew to Cut the Chatter (Zap2It, 22/06/05)

Ex-'Law & Order' Star's Daughter Arrested (Zap2It, 26/04/05)

Noth Back to Maintaining 'Law & Order' (Zap2It, 01/10/05)

'Law' Man Wolf Secures 'Conviction' with NBC (Zap2It, 06/10/05)

Farina Joins 'L&O' as Orbach Spins Off (Zap2It, 17/05/04)

King Serves in 'Law' Court (Zap2It, 22/10/03)

Bracco Takes 'Jury' Duty with NBC (Zap2It, 20/12/04)

NBC Picks Up "Watch" and "L&O" Spinoff (Zap2It, 23/09/99)

Wolf Picks 'Trial by Jury' Foremen (Zap2It, 09/07/04)

D'Onofrio Suffers Another Fainting Spell (Zap2It, 18/11/04)

D'Onofrio Wants No Part of Terrorism Stories (Zap2It, 11/11/01)

NBC Seizes Wolf's 'Power' (Zap2It, 13/02/06)

Chris Meloni Sheds the Serious Stuff for 'Scrubs' (Zap2It, 23/10/03)

'SVU's' Ice T Keeps It Real (Zap2It, 10/07/01)

Thirst for Ice-T Quenched on New 'SVU' (Zap2It, 01/03/04)

Wolf Doing 'God's Work' with 'SVU' (Zap2It, 13/01/02)

Ex-'SVU' Star, 'Angel's' Gunn Join 'Conviction' (Zap2It, 06/12/05)

'Arrest & Trial' Downgrade May Boost 'Date' (Zap2It, 09/03/01)

Sheridan Has 'Criminal Intent' (Zap2It, 24/01/01)

Harmon Gave Sehorn Acting Tips (Zap2It, 18/04/01)

Too Much 'Law & Order'? (Zap2It, 19/06/04)

'Law & Order' Comfortably Expands Its Universe (Zap2It, 10/10/04)

New Deal Secures 'Law & Order' Future at NBC (Zap2It, 12/05/04)

'Law & Order: CI' Star Faints on Set (Zap2It, 11/11/04)

Parisse Helps Maintain 'Law & Order' (Zap2It, 15/01/05)

'Tucson' Star Does Drama in 'Law & Order: SVU' (Zap2It, 30/10/02)

Hargitay Proud to Be Role Model (Zap2It, 16/01/05)

Belzer Crosses Over (Zap2It, 21/06/99)

NBC Cops Pay Tribute To The Real Thing (Zap2It, 19/07/99)

NBC Ups Ante in 'Law & Order,' 'C.S.I.: N.Y.' Showdown (TheFutonCritic, 07/09/04)

NBC Unveils Massive 'Law & Order' Franchise Renewal (TheFutonCritic, 12/05/04)

Fourth 'Law & Order' Due in Fall 2004 (TheFutonCritic, 02/06/03)

D'Onofrio: Happy to share 'L&O' duties with Noth (USA Today, 26/07/05)

DeLay Slams "Law"; Wolf Hits Back (E! Online, 27/05/05)

'Soprano' Imperioli on 'L&O' (AP, 20/04/05)

Imperioli Subs for Martin on 'Law & Order' (Zap2It, 02/12/04)

Wolf Lures 'Law & Order' Showrunner (Zap2It, 13/06/03)

Plot ideas ripped from the headlines (USA Today, 05/12/02)

'Law & Order' hopes to repeat; record season ahead (CNN, 11/09/98)

Law & Order, Crime & Punishment (Entertainment Weekly, 26/02/93)

Waterston Spices Up Role Made to (USA Today, 28/09/94)

Sam Waterston: The Real McCoy (A&E Monthly, 01/08/95)

Bond Girl to Shake Up Law and Order (Edmonton Sun, 21/08/96)

Ejections Overruled (Entertainment Weekly, 01/01/96)

Murder He Wrote (Tribune, 03/11/98)

Guilty As Charged (The Record, 04/11/98)

Chris Noth Returns to "Law"-Abiding Role (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 08/11/98)

Chris Noth's "Law and Order" Character Is "Exiled" in NBC Movie (Tribune Media Services, 10/11/98)

Exiled: A Clash of Wills On Both Sides of the Camera (TVData Entertainment Features Syndicate, 01/01/98)

Politics & Order (Calgary Sun, 30/01/99)

Keeping Law & Order on the NYC Streets (Location Update Magazine, 01/04/99)

Jesse Lays Down the Law (TV Guide, 30/10/99)

The Young Gun Behind L&O's Loose Cannon (Entertainment Weekly, 12/11/99)

Law & Ardor (USA Weekend, 19/03/00)

Peacock High Five Takes 'Law' to 2005 (Variety, 21/04/00)

"Law & Order" Junkies -- Here's Your Fix (The Globe and Mail, 06/05/00)

Diane Wiest Joins 'Law & Order' (Jam! TV, 14/06/00)

Auteurs Join Wolf Gang (Variety, 17/07/00)

Another Crime Perpetrated on "Law & Order" (CNN, 02/08/00)

The Law & Order of Producer Dick Wolf (Associated Press, 25/09/00)

Ex-'Law & Order' Actor Appears in Court (Jam! TV, 07/12/00)

NBC Apologizes to Latinos for 'Law & Order' Episode (Associated Press, 28/01/01)

Harmon Leaving "Law & Order" (E! Online, 10/04/01)

'Law' in Disorder (Entertainment Weekly, 11/04/01)

New Hire for "Law & Order" (E! Online, 23/04/01)

'Law & Order,' 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,' 'Steve Martini's The Judge' (Entertainment Weekly, 04/05/01)

"Law & Order" Getting Virtual Ads? (E! Online, 23/05/01)

Rohm's Harmon-ious Transition (TV Guide, 30/05/01)

Law & Order Gal's Anti-Angel Bias (TV Guide, 21/06/01)

Law & Order Will Thicken Plots With Current Events (USA Today, 26/07/01)

Order Restored to Harmon's Life (TV Guide, 11/09/01)

'Law & Order' Terrorist Mini-series Cancelled (Jam! TV, 18/09/01)

'Order' Patrol (Entertainment Weekly, 17/10/01)

Law & Disorder (Dallas Observer, 01/11/01)

Officers and Gentlemen (USA Weekend, 27/01/02)

Lone Wolf of Success (Toronto Sun, 30/01/02)

The Beat Goes On (The Globe and Mail, 02/02/02)

Jerry Orbach Restores Order to N.Y. (TV Guide, 06/02/02)

Law & Order Won't Apologize to Condit's Wife (USA Today, 07/03/02)

Brotherhood of the Wolf (Los Angeles Magazine, 01/04/02)

A "Law & Order" Addict Tells All (New York Times, 07/04/02)

The Happy Family of TV Crime (The Orlando Sentinel, 26/07/02)

"Law & Order" Still Has Lock On Fans After 12 Seasons (The Beacon Journal, 27/07/02)

Fred Thompson, "Law & Order" Senator? (Washington Post, 16/08/02)

For N.Y. Actors, 'Law & Order' Keeps on Giving (Associated Press, 28/08/02)

Fred Thompson Set for "Law & Order" Role (Los Angeles Times, 28/08/02)

"Law & Order" Back On the Case for 13th Year (Chicago Sun-Times, 29/09/02)

Still Not Gagging on 'Order'? There Ought to be a 'Law' (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 09/11/02)

The Secret Vice of Power Women (Slate, 14/11/02)

Plot Ideas Ripped From the Headlines (USA Today, 06/12/02)

Shooting Star (TV Guide, 01/12/02)

"Law & Order CD-Rom Deserves Favorable Verdict (Reuters, 17/11/02)

Fun, Fearless Female: Elisabeth Rohm (Cosmopolitan, 01/04/04)

"Law & Order" Producer Wouldn't Do "The Shield" (Zap2It, 16/01/03)

An Evening of Law & Order (Gothamist, 10/03/03)

"Law & Order" Books 300 (Entertainment Weekly, 21/05/03)

Law & Order To The Actors' Rescue (The New York Times, 15/06/03)

Waterston Reups for More "Law" (Entertainment Weekly, 27/06/03)

Law & Order to NBC: Pay Up! (Entertainment Weekly, 02/06/03)

Barnes & Noble Will Publish Dick Wolf's Law & Order: Crime Scenes in October 2003 (Business Wire, 24/07/03)

The Rule of Law (Emmy, 01/07/03)

Law & Order's Vance Is Guilty... of Love (TV Guide, 10/03/06)

'L&O' woos Whoopi (Variety, 05/04/06)

Off B'way troupe finds humor in 'Order' (Variety, 17/03/06)

French 'R.I.S.' and Yank 'CSI'…Viva la similarite! (Variety, 15/01/06)

French adaptation to be made in collaboration with Wolf, NBCU TV (Variety, 11/01/06)

Deja vu all over again (Variety, 11/01/06)

Prod'n awakened in the city that never sleeps (Variety, 05/01/06)

Wolf pack signals Gallic 'Intent' (Variety, 24/07/05)

Thompson takes pol role (Variety, 06/07/05)

How much 'Trial' is left in NBC's tank? (Variety, 13/05/05)

Canuck hit 'Inquest' investigates U.S. sale (Variety, 09/01/05)

'Law' star Orbach graced the stage (Variety, 29/12/04)

'L&O' on hold as star faints again (Variety, 16/11/04)

Return of the 'Law' man (Variety, 21/10/04)

'Law' suits N.Y. fine (Variety, 14/09/04)

'Law & Order' (NBC) vs. 'CSI: NY' (CBS), 10 p.m. (Variety, 30/08/04)

Familiar faces help Wolf lay down 'Law' (Variety, 08/07/04)

Franchise faceoff (Variety, 19/05/04)

'Law' of the land: Wolf's crime series a constant in Big Apple (Variety, 29/04/04)

'Law' gig for Bloomberg (Variety, 03/03/04)

U adds Teuton twist to 'L&O' in Germany (Variety, 15/01/04)

Wolf expansion aims to make them howl (Variety, 06/10/03)

Penn on 'Law' case as showrunner (Variety, 12/06/03)

'Law & Order' fetes longevity (Variety, 09/04/03)

Forney exclu to Wolf Co. (Variety, 01/07/02)

Trio laying down 'Law' for Eye deals (Variety, 06/12/01)

Studios USA signs up 'Law's' Schindel (Variety, 28/11/01)

Studios USA cages Wolf through 2006 (Variety, 15/11/01)

'Friends,' 'Law' trio boost NBC (Variety, 16/10/01)

'Law & Order' scribe reflects on new 'Intent' (Variety, 14/09/01)

Scribe in dramatic shift with Studios USA deal (Variety, 09/07/01)

Sheridan to join Wolf's third 'Law & Order' (Variety, 25/01/01)

Wolf signs Ice-T to 'Law & Order' (Variety, 07/08/00)

Wiest will try 'Law & Order' (Variety, 14/07/00)

New casts give veteran shows a fresh spin (Variety, 16/06/00)

Breakout faces from the '99-'00 season: Christopher Meloni (Variety, 16/06/00)

Emmy vets find the right roles (Variety, 16/06/00)

Penn to hit 'Law' books (Variety, 25/05/00)

Peacock high five takes 'Law' to 2005 (Variety, 27/04/00)

Reality bites 'Law' format (Variety, 30/09/99)

NBC dances with Wolf for Platt drama (Variety, 19/08/99)

'Homicide's' Belzer lays down 'Law' (Variety, 03/06/99)

Bratt exits NBC's 'Law' (Variety, 30/04/99)

Wolf at int'l door for 'Law' (Variety, 21/01/98)

Wolf snags PGA prize (Variety, 14/01/98)

NBC Wants More 'Law & Order' (E! Online, 06/09/00)

"Law & Order": Over 1 Billion Served (E! Online, 12/05/04)

"Law & Order" Loses Another Lawyer? (E! Online, 23/06/04)

"Law & Order" to NBC: Pay Up! (E! Online, 02/06/03)

New 'Law' Will Go on Sans Orbach (E! Online, 30/12/04)

Mariska's "Law" Love Match (E! Online, 28/08/04)

Celebs Gather for Orbach Funeral (E! Online, 02/01/05)

Imperioli Caught By "Law" (E! Online, 02/12/04)

Jerry Orbach Battling Cancer (E! Online, 02/12/04)

Jerry Orbach (Le Monde, 03/01/05)

New York District sur 13ème Rue (Le Figaro, 14/04/04)

'Un risque de confusion entre fiction et réalité' (Libération, 20/09/03)

"Law & Order" Disses Condit's Wife (E! Online, 07/03/02)

D'Onofrio Diagnosed with Exhaustion (E! Online, 22/11/04)

Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Entertainment Weekly, 14/12/01)

''Law & Order'' kingpin discusses his franchise (Entertainment Weekly, 11/06/04)

The Long Arm of The Law (Entertainment Weekly, 12/11/99)

Lowell Gets Tough and Lights Up Law & Order (Entertainment Weekly, 08/11/96)

Law & Disorder (Entertainment Weekly, 14/04/95)

Face to Watch : Carolyn McCormick (Entertainment Weekly, 11/09/92)

Chris Noth Brooding Detective of 'Law & Order' (Entertainment Weekly, 26/06/92)

N.Y. Law (Entertainment Weekly, 23/08/91)

Jesse's Whirl (Entertainment Weekly, 12/11/99)

Isn't That Special (Entertainment Weekly, 03/05/02)

New Shows (Entertainment Weekly, 10/09/99)

The 3rd Degree (Entertainment Weekly, 07/09/01)

Who's leaving Law & Order next season? (TV Guide, 26/04/06)

Ces fictions de TF1 qui font grincer les plumes des auteurs (Liberation, 06/04/06)

'Law & Order' in Trouble as Actress Quits (Fox News, 26/04/06)

Les Britanniques primés à Monte-Carlo (Le Monde, 12/07/03)

'Law and Order' channel mulled (CNN Money, 24/11/03)

Watching the detectives (The Age, 27/04/06)

NBC Retries "Law & Order" Trio (E! Online, 27/04/06)

La Franchise Law & Order : la psyché de la cité (Arrêt sur Séries, 01/06/05)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (The Globe and Mail, 29/04/06)

New York District (Les grandes séries américaines de 1970 à nos jours (Huitième Art), 01/01/96)

New York District : L'ordre des choses, les lois de la narration (Génération Séries N°23, 01/01/98)

Entretien avec Rene Balcer (Génération Séries N°23, 01/01/98)

Entretien avec Rene Balcer (E¶SODE N°5, 01/02/03)

New York District (Les Séries télé (Guide Totem - Larousse), 01/01/99)

Chief of police shows (The Courier Mail, 03/05/06)

Ce n'est que justice (Télérama N°2802, 24/09/03)

California Dreamy (InStyle, 04/01/05)

A View From the Hunk (Sunday Independent, 01/07/05)

Ireland: Bridge over troubled water (The Sunday Times Magazine, 24/07/05)

Understated It Guy (Brentwood Magazine, 01/05/05)

Christopher Meloni (ABILITY Magazine, 01/05/05)

Clues To A Marriage (Tango Magazine, 01/05/05)

Passion of the Chris (Severe Magazine, 01/05/05)

The laws and order in Meloni's Upper West Side apartment (Chicago Tribune: Home & Garden, 15/05/05)

Meloni opens up about "Oz" (Metro Magazine, 10/05/05)

Father & Law (People, 02/05/05)

Chris Meloni's Interview (Extra, 23/10/03)

Free to act (The Coloradan, 01/09/03)

Good Cop, Bad Perp (Soap Opera Weekly, 09/04/02)

Finding His Inner Mush (US Weekly Magazine, 18/03/02)

Christopher Meloni: "Surgeon of Emotions" (Gay Wired, 27/12/01)

East of Oz (InStyle, 01/12/01)

Arresting Presence (TV Guide, 28/07/01)

Split Personality (New York Magazine, 30/07/01)

How to get Robert Downey Jr.'s Post-Prison Body (Jane, 01/08/01)

Arresting actor Meloni drawing raves in diverse roles (Click TV, 06/01/00)

Chris Meloni (People Weekly, 31/12/99)

Christopher's Street (Time Out New York, 21/10/99)

Double Duty (TV Weekly, 23/10/99)

Law and Order Treats Gay Men Fairly (After Elton, 13/06/05)

Ex-con from Croton makes debut on 'Law & Order' (The Journal News, 09/05/06)

Comics cast against type on 'Law & Order' (Los Angeles Times, 10/05/06)

N.Y. Increases Tax Incentives to $30 Million (The Hollywood Reporter, 11/05/06)

Les séries américaines en colloque à Paris (Le Monde, 07/03/05)

Une série à (re)découvrir (Le Parisien, 21/03/03)

Benjamin Bratt papa d'une petite Sophia Rosalinda (AFP, 17/12/02)

'NYD' fait la loi (Libération, 13/12/02)

Séries limitées (Libération, 07/09/02)

Deux nouvelles séries pour les samedis (Le Parisien, 07/09/02)

Les scandales de l'église catholique rattrapés par le petit écran (AFP, 19/05/02)

Le méchant rappeur vire au gentil héros (Le Parisien, 10/05/02)

Benjamin Bratt épouse sa partenaire de 'Miguel Pinero' (AFP, 17/04/02)

Séries je t'aime, séries je t'adore... (Libération, 23/02/02)

Des séries inégalées (Le Monde, 09/02/02)

'En France, les auteurs ne peuvent écrire ce qu'ils veulent' (Le Monde, 09/02/02)

Signes particuliers : New York District (Le Monde, 09/02/02)

La réalité en prise directe (Le Monde, 09/02/02)

Pretty Julia (Libération, 25/01/02)

Bruce Willis censuré. (Libération, 15/09/01)

Les films catastrophes déprogrammés in extremis (Le Figaro, 14/09/01)

Delarue et Sabatier au palmarès (Le Parisien, 21/03/01)

Le palmarès des Ithème 2001 (AFP, 20/03/01)

Séries américaines, nouvelle génération (Le Monde, 25/10/99)

Mission impossible (Le Monde, 03/10/94)

New York District sur France 3 (Le Monde, 19/09/94)

La télé se penche sur les recettes à succès des séries américaines (AFP, 26/02/05)

'A Hollywood, ils n'ont peur de rien' (Libération, 27/09/03)

General Electric en passe de devenir un géant des médias (Les Echos, 03/09/03)

La télévision américaine prise au piège de l'info en continu (Le Figaro, 08/04/03)

Le grand cirque des avocats (Le Point, 08/12/00)

Le producteur de cette série est un grand nom d'Hollywood (Le Parisien, 17/08/05)

Une série policière basée sur des faits réels (Le Parisien, 11/12/04)

La fiction renouvelée (Le Figaro, 06/02/06)

'R.I.S' est déjà un phénomène (Le Parisien, 28/01/06)

'Le mode de consommation de la fiction est en train de changer' (AFP, 29/07/05)

TF1 va produire une adaptation française de 'New York: section criminelle' (AFP, 26/07/05)

Polars en série sur TF1 (Le Parisien, 20/09/05)

France 2 : des hauts et débats (Le Point, 14/11/03)

New York, unité spéciale (Le Monde, 16/02/02)

Les limiers du sexe (Libération, 16/09/00)

L'enfer de TF1 (Le Nouvel Observateur, 25/07/02)

Law and Order - New-York District : la série intelligente (Page perso de Thierry Winants, 25/05/97)

NBC's Reilly Hopes 'the Worst Is Behind Us' (Los Angeles Times, 16/05/06)

'Law & Order' Star Wins Obie, Too (CBS News, 16/05/06)

Russie. La chaîne de télévision privée NTV passe aux mains du pouvoir (L'Humanité, 16/04/01)

Singing detective (Daily News, 28/05/06)

Dennis Farina to Leave 'Law & Order' (Associated Press, 31/05/06)

Farina Exits 'Law & Order' (E! Online, 31/05/06)

Balcer ends long run at 'L&O' helm (Variety, 02/06/06)

Underdog NBC shuffles lineup (Rocky Mountain News, 03/06/06)

More 'Law’ & No ‘Order’ For NBC (Fox News, 06/06/06)

Madison Ave. Lives! (Forbes, 08/06/06)

Alana De La Garza joins 'Law & Order' (USA Today, 16/06/06)

Big Changes Coming to Law & Order (TV Guide, 21/06/06)

Wolf puts new faces in the lineup for Law & Order (Sun Sentinel, 25/07/06)

‘Law & Order’ Meets the Law of Supply and Demand (The New York Times, 16/07/06)

More Changes for 'Criminal Intent' (Zap2It, 31/07/06)

An Interview with Emmy-Winning Actor Michael Moriarty, Presidential Candidate (The Conservative Voice, 16/08/06)

USA will air 35 hours of `Law & Order` (United Press International, 15/08/06)

L'industrie du cinéma redevient fan de New York... et de ses subventions (L'Expansion, 29/08/06)

Britney -- We Need Less 'Law & Order' (TMZ, 12/09/06)

'L&O' Rips Britney, K-Fed from the Headlines (E! Online, 12/09/06)

'Law & Order's' ADA honored by state Archives Partnership (The Record, 14/09/06)

TNT Pays Month-Long Tribute to Beloved Law & Order Detective Lennie Briscoe (TNT, 18/09/06)

Mickey Hargitay, Ex-Hercules & Father of Mariska, Dies (E! Online, 18/09/06)

'Law & Order' Has Chevy Chase, and You Don't (Zap2It, 26/09/06)

No News Bad News for New Shows? (E! ONline, 26/09/06)

'L&O' Loves Liza (Zap2It, 02/10/06)

De 'Conviction' à 'New York District' : rencontre avec Milena Govich (Allociné Séries, 08/10/06)

Eric Bogosian : Revival Instinct (Entertainment Weekly, 06/10/06)

Eric Bogosian Takes Charge on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Guide, 10/10/06)

Ice-T de retour avec un nouvel album (MTV France, 12/10/06)

Quand la fiction télé détrône la fiction ciné (imédias, 13/10/06)

'Law & Order' on city streets (Variety, 16/10/06)

'Law & Order' Boss Dick Wolf Ponders The Future of TV Ads (Doink, Doink) (The Wall Street Journal, 18/10/06)

'Law' scribe sets up drama pair at nets (Variety, 17/10/06)

'CSI' vs. 'Law & Order' (USA Weekend, 22/10/06)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fumes Over Law & Order (People, 24/10/06)

Hasselbeck Rips into Law & Order (E! Online, 25/10/06)

'Law & Order' Star Robbed (Zap2It, 26/10/06)

NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution Has Sold Dick Wolf's Hit Drama 'Law & Order Criminal Intent' to the Fox Owned Stations (NBC Entertainment, 26/10/06)

Martin Could Use Some Law & Order (E! Online, 27/10/06)

Cost conundrum (Variety, 29/10/06)

The once-great drama is so tired that even a drunken Mel Gibson-esque rant can't save it (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 03/11/06)

MeeVee Interviews Law & Order: Criminal Intent Exec Producer Warren Leight (TV with MeeVee, 09/11/06)

Law & Order: CI's Julianne Nicholson Sheds Her Badge and Much More (TV Guide, 15/11/06)

Wolf's women: Strong, smart female characters key to Law & Order's longevity, says creator (Edmonton Journal, 25/11/06)

'Law & Order' actor arrested for series of robberies (The Associated Press (AP), 04/12/06)

'The Golden Girls' Goes Global (Broadcasting & Cable, 01/01/07)

New York section criminelle (Témoignages (Quotidien réunionnais), 05/01/07)

‘L&O’ a series of arresting dramas (Saturday Gazette Mail, 06/01/07)

Years after his death, Orbach still a class act (New York Daily News, 09/01/07)

Award-Winning Actor and Conservative Michael Moriarty Says Time Right for Presidential Run (The Common Voice, 10/01/07)

Des réalisateurs français refusent la tendance 'tout séries' (Ecrans, 11/01/07)

Back in the day, police were portrayed as good guys. Not anymore. (The San Francisco Chronicle, 11/01/07)

Syndication seeking signs of life (Variety, 10/01/07)

Doublages bien-pensants et scènes coupées en série (20 Minutes, 17/01/07)

Sex Sells on Law & Order (Herald Sun, 17/01/07)

NBC renews hit series 'The Office', 'My Name is Earl', 'Heroes' and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' for full season of episodes in 2007-08 (NBC Entertainment, 17/01/07)

FCC Commissioners Review TV Violence Report (Broadcasting & Cable, 21/01/07)

Hey 'Heroes,' talk to us when you've lasted more than a decade (The Associated Press, 29/01/07)

Law & Order star Michael Moriarty to premiere new film on Hitler (PRNewswire, 06/02/07)

NBC UNiversal Domestic Television Distribution has sold Dick Wolf's hit drama 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' in more than 85% of the U.S. (NBC Entertainment, 05/02/07)

Out'Law (New York Post, 07/02/07)

'Law & Order' Star Offers Moral Support to Libby at CIA Leak Trial (Asociated Press, 08/02/06)

Murder, They Wrote (The New York Times, 11/02/07)

If L&O did it (New York Post, 22/02/07)

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Vincent Perez tourne pour TF1 et sort une BD (, 15/03/07)

Peter Bogdanovich, David Cross, Tate Donovan, Amy Ryan and Kristy Swanson guest star in two 'Ripped From the Headlines' episodes on NBC's 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' (NBC Entertainment, 16/03/07)

'SVU' locks up syndication deal (Variety, 20/03/07)

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Etats-Unis : premier débat télévisé entre candidats républicains à la présidentielle (Les Echos, 03/05/07)

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'Criminal' End for Smith Clone (Zap2It, 08/05/07)

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Audiences : Paris Enquête Criminelle à la baisse sur TF1 (Series Live, 11/05/07)

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NBC Plans to Move `Law & Order: Criminal Intent' to USA Network (Bloomberg, 14/05/07)

NBC reaches deal to save 3 'Law & Order' shows (The Associated Press, 13/05/07)

NBC announces schedule, shows (Variety, 14/05/07)

Thompson Likely Gone From `Law & Order' (San Francisco Chronicle, 14/05/07)

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'Criminal Intent' Star Lauds Cable Shift (The Associated Press, 21/05/07)

Thompson leaving NBC's 'Law' (The Hollywood Reporter, 31/05/07)

Jeremy Sisto joining NBC's 'Law & Order' (The Associated Press, 01/06/07)

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Waterston May Replace Thompson as DA (Associated Press, 05/06/07)

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Spinoffs contribute to Emmy's cold shoulder (Variety, 13/06/07)

Snapple Theater Center to House Jerry Orbach Theater (Playbill, 18/06/07)

'Law & Order' star Richard Belzer to write 2 mystery books featuring himself as a TV performer (Associated Press, 26/06/07)

NBC Universal's cable networks soar (Variety, 12/07/07)

Contemplating a Run for Office Can Complicate Television Reruns (The Washington Post, 15/07/07)

Alicia Witt rejoint 'New York : Section criminelle' (imédias, 16/07/07)

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'Law & Order' Star Insinnia Charged with Possession of Child Porn (, 15/08/07)

S. Epatha Merkerson Returns to Broadway (The Associated Press, 15/08/07)

Présidentielle américaine : Fred Thompson se verrait dans le rôle (Europe 1, 17/08/07)

Le procureur de "New York Police Judiciaire" candidat à la présidence US ? (imé, 17/08/07)

Les prétendants républicains à la Maison Blanche en campagne contre Rudy Giuliani, favori du parti (Le Monde, 25/08/07)

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It's a boy for Dick Wolf and his wife, Noelle (The Associated Press, 02/03/10)

'Law and Order' star Richard Belzer accused of attacking Apple store employee (New York Daily News, 11/03/10)

'Law & Order' star Richard Belzer says Apple Store harass accuser targeted him because of fame (New York Daily News, 11/03/10)

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NBC annonce ses dates de rentrée 2010 (Allociné, 16/07/10)

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'Law & Order' Creator Dick Wolf to Write 2 Novels (The Associated Press, 26/07/10)

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Regina Hall & Wanda De Jesus Join 'Law & Order: LA'; Cast Locked In For Monday Start (Deadline, 31/07/10)

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Le casting de la très attendue nouvelle série de Dick Wolf est enfin complet. (Excessif, 01/08/10)

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Pas de victoire en appel pour New York Police Judiciaire (SeriesLive, 02/08/10)

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New York Police Judiciaire : la saison 20 débarque en Belgique (SeriesLive, 03/08/10)

L.A. gets a bite of the Big Apple (Los Angeles Times - Company Town, 03/08/10)

Jeff Goldblum quitte 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 04/08/10)

Marcia Gay Harden de retour dans 'New York Unité Spéciale' (Allociné, 12/08/10)

Gloria Reuben Returns to SVU (TV Guide, 17/08/10)

‘Law & Order: SVU’ To Shoot On West Coast (AccessHollywood, 17/08/10)

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New York: Unité Spéciale va rencontrer Law & Order: Los Angeles (SeriesLive, 02/09/10)

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"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is over at season 10 -- or is it? (The Washington Post, 21/09/10)

Vincent D'Onofrio revient dans 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 22/09/10)

Une dixième et dernière saison pour New York : Section Criminelle avec Vincent D'Onofrio ! (SeriesLive, 22/09/10)

Vincent D'Onofrio back on 'Criminal Intent' for Season 10 (USA Today, 22/09/10)

'Law & Order: CI' returns to USA (Variety, 22/09/10)

Review: NBC's 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' (What's Alan Watching ?, 28/09/10)

Bringing 'Law & Order' to Los Angeles (Los Angeles Times, 29/09/10)

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'Boardwalk Empire' fills the void left by 'Law & Order,' hiring 1,200 and spending millions (New York Daily News, 11/10/10)

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Huppert dans New York unité spéciale: 'Je ne connaissais pas cette série' (Les Inrocks, 06/11/10)

New-York Unité Spéciale avec Isabelle Huppert ce soir sur TF1 (Allociné, 06/11/10)

Isabelle Huppert booste "New York Unité Spéciale" (Allociné, 09/11/10)

'New-York Unité Spéciale' au secours de Drea de Matteo (Allociné, 12/11/10)

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Un nouveau crossover dans la galaxie 'Law & Order' (Allociné, 03/03/11)

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'Law & Order: Los Angeles' enfin de retour ! (Allociné, 08/03/11)

NBC relance Law & Order Los Angeles le 11 avril (SeriesLive, 08/03/11)

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Deux guest-stars dans 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 18/03/11)

Review: NBC's 'Law & Order: LA' returns, revamped but not really changed (What's Alan Watching ?, 11/04/11)

'Law & Order: Los Angeles,' Alana de la Garza, Terrence Howard fail to keep up with New York cops (New York Daily News, 11/04/11)

Law & Order LA, the Molina And De La Garza Interview (Television Without Pity - The Telefile, 08/04/11)

'New York Unité Spéciale' a trouvé son nouveau showrunner (Allociné, 16/04/11)

Julia Ormond, l’ultime espoir de 'New York Section Criminelle' ? (Allociné, 18/04/11)

Law & Order Los Angeles par Telltale Games (Jeux PC Mag, 19/04/11)

Dick Wolf Hopes for Criminal Intent Reprieve, Says D'Onofrio & Erbe Have Never Been Better (TV Line, 22/04/11)

Anatomy of a Restoration : Law & Order LA on NBC (The Wall Street Journal, 22/04/11)

Ice-T et Coco dans une télé réalité (SeriesLive, 27/04/11)

'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' intends to end on high note (Zap2It, 27/04/11)

Interview: "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Executive Producer Chris Brancato Read more: Interview: "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Executive Producer Chris Brancato (The Futon Critic, 29/04/11)

USA's 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' Premiere Up 43% in Viewers (The Hollywood Reporter, 02/05/11)

'New York Section Criminelle' revient très fort aux Etats-Unis (OZAP, 03/05/11)

Visite parentale sur 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 04/05/11)

Adrian Pasdar et Bryan Batt dans 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 10/05/11)

Critic's Notebook: A new order in 'Law & Order: L.A.' (Los Angeles Times, 11/05/11)

'Law & Order: Los Angeles' annulée (Allociné, 13/05/11)

'New York Unité Spéciale' : Mariska Hargitay prolonge mais... (Allociné, 16/05/11)

Sex-Assault Case Puts Focus on Police Unit, Not Quite as Seen on TV (The New York Times, 18/05/11)

Rosie Perez sues ‘Law & Order: SVU’ producers over injuries (Los Angeles Times - Ministry of Gossip, 21/05/11)

Should 'Law & Order: SVU' just end already? (Entertainment Weekly Pop Watch, 25/05/11)

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Christopher Meloni quitte 'New York Unité Spéciale' ! (Allociné, 25/05/11)

James Van Der Beek dans 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 26/05/11)

Aaron Sorkin recrute un vétéran de 'Law & Order' (Allociné, 01/06/11)

NY senator Chuck Schumer: Bring 'Law & Order' back to the Big Apple! (New York Daily News, 02/06/11)

Dick Wolf: 'Je n'ai pas vu venir le départ de Christopher Meloni'' (Allociné, 07/06/11)

DSK: Jury influencé par NY Unité Spéciale? (TV Mag, 09/06/11)

'New York Unité Spéciale': ça bouge encore en coulisses (Allociné, 14/06/11)

L’affaire reprise dans une série télé? (Le Parisien, 10/06/11)

Ice-T extends deal at 'Law & Order: SVU' (Reuters, 12/06/11)

Julia Ormond psy de D'Onofrio (TV Mag, 14/06/11)

Why can't Ice-T replace Chris Meloni on 'Law & Order: SVU'? (Entertainment Weekly Pop Watch, 10/06/11)

Patti Smith dans 'New York Section Criminelle' (Allociné, 17/06/11)

Cinq acteurs en lice pour New York, unité spéciale (Tele 2 Semaines, 21/06/11)

D'Onofrio: 'It's odd' to see 'Law & Order: CI' end (, 24/06/11)

The 'Law & Order' era ends tonight: Good night, Goren, good night, Eames (Entertainment Weekly Ken Tucker's TV, 26/06/11)

Aimez-vous Londres Police Judiciaire? (L'Express, 28/06/11)

'New York Unité Spéciale' trouve ses nouveaux détectives (Allociné, 28/06/11)

'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' series finale: That's it? (Entertainment Weekly Pop Watch, 27/06/11)

5 Things You Don't Know About Law & Order: SVU's Danny Pino (US Magazine, 28/06/11)

'Law & Order: SVU': ADAs Stephanie March and Diane Neal Returning (The Hollywood Reporter, 05/07/11)

Deux retours dans 'New York Unité Spéciale' (AlloCiné, 06/07/11)

Un nouveau départ dans New York Unité Spéciale (SeriesLive, 18/07/11)

L''affaire Schwarzy' abordée dans 'New York Unité Spéciale' (Allociné, 20/07/11)

'New York Unité Spéciale' : Kyle MacLachlan dans la peau de Schwarzy (Allociné, 22/07/11)

'New York Unité Spéciale': que va-t-il arriver à Stabler ? (Allociné, 02/08/11)

Linus Roache in SVU (New York Post, 09/08/11)

Linus Roache dans 'New York Unité Spéciale' ! (Allocine, 09/08/11)

New York Unité Spéciale s'inspire de l'affaire DSK (20 Minutes, 12/08/11)

L'affaire DSK dans un épisode de New York Unité Spéciale? (L'Express, 12/08/11)

Franco Nero devient DSK pour New York Unité Spéciale (SeriesLive, 12/08/11)

"Law & Order" The Complete Series (Reuters (Press Release), 18/08/11)

NBA stars to guest on "Law & Order: SVU" (Reuters, 22/08/11)

Andre Braugher dans 'New York Unité Spéciale' (Allocine, 24/08/11)

Law & Order: SVU's New Boss on Meloni's Exit, the New Detectives and Rejuvenating the Show (TV Guide, 01/09/11)

Man gets 5 years probation for stalking 'Law & Order' actress, must pay her $42K (New York Post, 07/09/11)

Rise and demise of the 'Law & Order' franchise (The Washington Times - TV Den, 05/09/11)

Mariska Hargitay : Arrêter des criminels, elle adore ça (Pure People, 12/09/11)

Ethan Hawke et Vincent D'Onofrio réunis pour une série de NBC (Tele 2 Semaines, 15/09/11)

'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' gets new orders: Show returns with fresh cast and mission (New York Daily News, 16/09/11)

Nous avons vu l'affaire DSK dans New York Unité Spéciale (Le Figaro, 22/09/11)

Le quotidien des enquêteurs de l’affaire DSK (Les Echos Blog, 21/09/11)

'Law & Order: SVU' Showrunner Warren Leight on the Cast Shake-Up and His Approach to the Series (The Hollywood Reporter, 21/09/11)

Kelli Giddish on Law & Order: SVU's New Recruits: The Fans Are Going to Love Us (TV Guide, 21/09/11)

'Law & Order: SVU' Cast Promises 'Fresh' and 'Exciting' Season 13 (AOL TV, 20/09/11)

Stephanie March and Linus Roache interview (Starry Constellation Magazine, 20/09/11)

TF1: Déception pour le lancement de "Los Angeles Police judiciaire" (, 18/09/11)

'Special Victim Unit' présente... l'avventurra de DSK (Telerama, 22/09/11)

Quand Hollywood rejoue l'affaire DSK (20 Minutes, 22/09/11)

DSK ne booste pas New York, unité spéciale (TV Magazine, 23/09/11)

DSK : Déjà héros de série ! (France Soir, 23/09/11)

Danny Pino Interview (Starry Constellation Magazine, 27/09/11)

Interview de Judy Reyes et Kyle McLachlan (Starry Constellation Magazine, 05/10/11)

France : l'Amérique fait sa loi (TV Mag, 15/10/11)

I Was an Extra on 'Law & Order: SVU' (AOL TV, 19/10/11)

Sam Waterston goes from 'Law and Order' to 'King Lear' (The Associated Press, 04/11/11)

TF1 va-t-elle censurer l'épisode de "NY Unité Spéciale" sur DSK ? (, 08/11/11)

DSK : épisode à haut risque pour TF1 (TV Mag, 08/11/11)

"Law & Order" puts 20 seasons into 104-disc DVD set (Reuters, 08/11/11)

New York Unité Spéciale: TF1 hésite à diffuser un épisode inspiré de l'affaire DSK (L'Express, 09/11/11)

NY accountant admits bilking 'SVU' actress Tunie (The Associated Press, 10/11/11)

Four Reasons to Watch More of the New ‘Law & Order: SVU’ (Yahoo!, 14/11/11)

New York Unité Spéciale saison 13 : un nouveau personnage au casting (TF1, 15/11/11)

Chris Meloni : de New York unité spéciale à True Blood (Toutelatele, 30/11/11)

Après "New York Unité Spéciale", Christopher Meloni dans "True Blood" ? (Allociné, 30/11/11)

Occupy Wall Street protesters shut down 'Law & Order: SVU' set depicting OWS (New York Daily News, 09/12/11)

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Imitation Occupation Draws Real Protesters, and City’s Ire (The New York Times, 09/12/11)

SVU' Production During 'Mockupy' (The Hollywood Reporter, 09/12/11)

OWS occupies 'Law & Order: SVU' episode. Where's Benson and Stabler when you need them? (Entertainment Weekly Popwatch, 09/12/11)

Chris Meloni rejoint le casting de True Blood (L'Express, 14/12/11)

C'est le nouveau vampire sexy de «True Blood»! (Têtu, 14/12/11)

Rooney Mara says her 'Law & Order' big break was 'awful' (New York Post, 14/12/11)

DGA to Honor 'Law & Order' Director Ed Sherin at Awards Show (Reuters, 14/12/11)

Rooney Mara: 'Law & Order: SVU' Quote Out Of Context (Huffington Post, 19/12/11)

Rooney Mara, star of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ backtracks on ‘Law & Order: SVU’ barbs (New York Daily News, 21/12/11)

Telltale Games` Law & Order: Legacies Available Now! (Reuters, 22/12/11)

Law & Order Legacies Review (Slide to Play, 27/12/11)

Paul Nicholls: 'I hope they don’t kill me off!' (What's On TV, 29/12/11)

'Law & Order': A 104-Disc DVD Set & 10 Top 'Ripped From the Headlines' Eps (The Wrap, 07/11/11)

'SVU' actress speaks as victim of real-life theft (The Associated Press, 10/01/12)

Vincent D’Onofrio’s first film, ‘Don’t Go in the Woods,’ mashes slasher horror and movie musical (TV Line, 19/01/12)

Treme saison 3 : Anthony Anderson (New York police judiciaire) ajouté au casting (Première, 27/01/12)

Amy Carlson moves up a grade as Donnie Wahlberg’s wife in police drama ‘Blue Bloods' (New York Daily News, 02/02/12)

Investigating 'Law & Order: SVU' Star Danny Pino (Starpulse, 08/02/12)

Chloë Sevigny kidnappée par "New York Unité Spéciale" (Allociné, 16/02/12)

Law & Order: SVU: Will Benson's New Relationship Last? (TV Guide, 15/02/12)

Audiences US: "New York Unité Spéciale" en très grand danger... (Allociné, 16/02/12)

Law & Order: SVU -- A Look Inside the Season (Huffington Post (Blog), 25/04/12)

Community - “Basic Lupine Urology” (A.V. Club, 26/04/12)

'Community' - 'Basic Lupine Urology' (What's Alan Watching?, 26/04/12)

Is Law & Order: SVU Returning Next Year? (TV Guide, 08/05/12)

'Law & Order: SVU's' Kelli Giddish - 'My dreams have become so screwed up' (Zap2It From Inside the Box, 09/05/12)

NBC renouvelle "New York Unité Spéciale" et commande deux séries - News (Allociné, 10/05/12)

'Law and Order: SVU' finale ends on a cliffhanger, plus the cast debates the 'dun dun' (Zap2It From Inside the Box, 16/05/12)

L'épisode de "New York Unité Spéciale" inspiré de l'affaire DSK arrive en France (Le Nouvel Observateur - TéléObs, 19/06/12)

L'épisode de “New York Unité Spéciale” sur l'affaire DSK passera bien sur TF1 (Telerama, 19/06/12)

Kelli Giddish : «C'est un rêve de tourner à New York» (Telerama, 28/06/12)

'The Newsroom's' Sam Waterston reports on his HBO character (Los Angeles Times, 02/07/12)

Affaire DSK : Une série copié-collé (TV Mag, 10/07/12)

DSK, héros malgré lui de « New York unité spéciale » (Le Parisien, 10/07/12)

Danny Pino de Cold Case à NY, unité spéciale (TV Mag, 09/07/12)

DSK, le remake (Le Monde Idées, 11/07/12)

Richard Belzer: «Les victimes remercient NYUS» (TV Mag, 17/07/12)

Paget Brewster en guest dans "New York Unité Spéciale" (Allociné, 19/07/12)

"New York unité spéciale" s'offre Adam Baldwin (TéléObs, 23/07/12)

“These are their stories”: 20 years of U.S. history, according to Law & Order (A.V. Club, 09/09/15)

Law & Order : You the Jury : la nouvelle série en direct et interactive de Dick Wolf (Le Figaro, 17/09/15)

Why ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Matters (Rolling Stone, 27/09/18)

‘Law & Order: For The Defense’ Spinoff From Dick Wolf & Carol Mendelsohn Gets NBC Series Order (Deadline, 03/05/21)

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