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Sujet :   --   Auteur : Seb
Date : 31/07/2003, 09H28
Michael Moriarty (Ben Stone dans Law & Order) a annoncé récemment qu'il envisageait de se présenter aux élections présidentielles américaines de 2008 (?!?).

Interviewé par (un site clairement orienté à droite...), il confirme son intention de se présenter et explique ses positions...
A l'époque de L&O, Moriarty avait pris position contre Janet Reno (Attorney General de l'époque) sur le thème de la violence à la télévision, il affirmait (à raison, selon moi :) que celle-ci ne devait pas être censurée...
Ces autres positions politiques (vive le pognon, le port d'arme, la guerre en Irak, BHL...) sont en revanche beaucoup plus douteuses :-(

Voici l'interview (
"Law & Order" actor Michael Moriarty

By The Leader-Springfield Bureau (

IN THE SPOTLIGHT -- Golden Globe, Emmy, and Tony Award winning actor, writer, and musician as well as conservative patriot, Michael Moriarty recently announced his interest in running for President of the United States in 2008 on John Cox's Progressive Conservative radio talk show, based in Chicago.

Moriarty, best known for his role as Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone on television's "Law & Order", is politically active and shared some thoughts with Illinois's Springfield Bureau a few weeks ago on an array of issues, including his thoughts on Governor Rod Blagojevich's attempt to bring more film production to Illinois.

In 1993, Moriarty gained notoriety amongst conservatives during his public battle with former Attorney General Janet Reno. Moriarty was an outspoken critic of her efforts to curb violence on television, in which she threatened to intervene if television executives didn’t comply with her demands.

According to Moriarty, he was essentially blackballed by NBC and slowly written out of the series because of his outspoken criticisms of Reno. Eventually, Moriarty departed from "Law & Order" and politically-exiled himself to Canada.

Moriarty has continued his acting career and gained attention in Canada as being an outspoken critic of their oppressive tax system, strict gun-control laws and taxpayer-funded health-care system.

Mr. Moriarty was nice enough to take some time to answer a few questions for Illinois

Q: In 1993 you stood up to (then) Attorney General Reno and publicly criticized her assault on the First Amendment, which eventually lead to you being pushed out of your role as Ben Stone on "Law & Order." Tell us about this meeting, what was her reaction to you and the issues you raised?

MORIARTY: Janet Reno’s response to me was a “Stake-out.” I had basically told the entire Clinton administration to take a hike; they were breaking the Constitution of the United States. The FBI stalked me at my usual steakhouse, Gallaghers in Manhattan. Cops of all sorts hang out there. The FBI was so obvious to me that they got upset that I could identify them so quickly.

Then, at another bistro of mine, Patsy’s on 56th street, the CIA showed up, four of them. They are very sophisticated and witty. They asked me, “Michael, who do you want to leave the United States?” I repeated my estimation of the Clinton Administration and said I’m not intimidated by the threat of being “road kill.”

So, that was the “response” of Janet Reno to my exposure of her obvious unconstitutional behavior. She had waltzed into Waco with her Federal posse and basically told the governor to get out of the way. Then she assaults Colorado at Ruby Ridge and kills two members of a free North American family. That is blatant Soviet federalism; rather like the condition we have up here in Canada. Finally, she hands the child of an émigré from Havana, Elian Gonzales, over to a dictator named Fidel Castro.

The Leninist strategy of the Democratic Party was becoming obvious. They had eliminated a good Catholic, Mario Cuomo, from the running because he was a Catholic. They did the same thing, rather more severely to John F. Kennedy, in Dallas, Texas.

Q: I want to set the context for my next question, with something you once wrote:
The Marxist objective of owning and dictating to the major artists of the world was an idea spawned by Joseph Stalin. He knew that if he controlled the artists of the world, he would eventually control the world itself...Stalin began a campaign to own all the Soviet artists and North American artists as well, particularly those in Hollywood. By the 1950s, it was obvious to the Central Intelligence Agency that New York authors, directors and playwrights were being sent to Hollywood to promote the Revolution.

Is this the problem with Hollywood? Did they finally succeed? Why is it that conservatives are completely shunned, and liberals/socialists are essentially glorified?

MORIARTY: “Presently, Beijing is trying to control Hollywood North, Vancouver, with an award ceremony called the “LEO.” I smelled it a mile away and was “kicked out” of the ceremony because of my outrageously North American free behavior. Get it?”

Q: Many conservatives express displeasure with the arts. In the past, conservatives have recommended removing all federal funding for the arts. What is your recommendation to conservative minded persons that are essentially turned off of the arts, how can they make it better?

MORIARTY: “Real artists, if they are authentic, don’t really need help from the government. They, like any other healthy North American, will make it there by themselves. That is the central meaning of the English-speaking family: individual freedom and responsibility.”

Q: Mel Gibson recently disclosed that he is a religious man and believes there are some in the media who want to discredit him personally because he was making a pro-Christian film. Do you think that conservative actors are essentially ‘black listed’ by the liberals (i.e. the media and Hollywood executives)? Are conservatives afraid of speaking-up for fear of being ‘black listed’ today?

MORIARTY: Yes, conservative artists like Charlton Heston and myself have been definitely blacklisted. I suppose, because of the stupidity of Joe McCarthy, who broke the Constitution in order to “save it,” -- a very bad idea and we will have that thrown in our conservative faces to eternity -- we are still hunting for a living. However, when I won the Emmy Award last year as the father of James Dean, I think Hollywood South is turning right.

Q: Why did you politically exile yourself to Canada?

MORIARTY: I picked Canada because it was on the way to Amsterdam, Holland, where I had hoped to “leave Las Vegas,” if you know what I mean. I fell in love with a woman in Nova Scotia and the eight-year adventure in Canada began. I’m a romantic. That weakness has carried me across the entire continent of Canada.

Q: The Chicago Sun Times recently reported that IL Governor Rod Blagojevich has endorsed a plan to give filmmakers a tax credit equal to 25 percent of the wages paid to the Illinois residents. The Sun Times reported that if the bill becomes law, the Illinois credit would be higher than those available in other states, but still less than what Canada offers filmmakers. Would this legislation attract filmmakers to Illinois? If not, what would? Is it truly that much better in Canada?

MORIARTY: Your governor has the right idea. I don't think he can undercut Canada. However, there is so much filmmaking coming to this nation (Canada) that they don’t have enough crews to handle it. The Illinois effort will attract a lot of independent filmmakers that can't find crews in Canada. So, I'm with it all the way. In New York I was asked to take a quarter of a million dollar cut in salary to keep "Law and Order" in that city. I stupidly agreed. We could just have easily shot it in Chicago with a few production shots taken from Manhattan.

Q: In the book, The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek argued that by embracing big government ‘state’ programs, Western democracies such as the United States were in danger of slowly and unwittingly going down the same totalitarian road as Nazi Germany and/or Soviet Russia.

Hayek also exposed why it was that ideas of socialism could not be achieved without the loss of personal or individual freedom.

What are your thoughts on the connection between sound economic policies and individual freedom? Has the United States become more socialistic? Why is it that citizens continually ignore the warning signs?

MORIARTY: A great French author and poet, Bernard Henri Levey, from Algeria – rather like the genius Albert Camus -- said categorically, “The rise of anti-Americanism is a sure sign of the rise of fascism.” He was duly spanked by the leftist literati of Paris. He is, of course, correct. Economically we do not need draconian changes immediately in North America. It would disrupt the smooth running of both governments.

In this day and age of terrorism, we have bigger problems. George W. and Tony Blair of England are doing the right job. They have to be the “tough cops.” The rest of the world, like Jean Chretien, likes to play “Swiss” and not be involved. They picked the “DMZ” and they will be caught in the crossfire and die in major dishonor. That’s their choice.”

Q: You recently announced that you were exploring the possibility of running for President of the United States in 2008. What will be the theme of your campaign?

MORIARTY: If I live long enough – which is a bit questionable these days – yes, I will run for President of the United States in 2008. The theme is very simple: it is our job to free China, as it was Abraham Lincoln’s job to free the blacks.

Q: Just out of curiosity, do you have a favorite President of the United States?

MORIARTY: Hands down, Abraham Lincoln. If there was or could be an American Moses, it was Lincoln. No president even comes close to what he did and endured and suffered from. To me he was the American closest to God. After that it would be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Q: It has been reported that your hero is Sir Winston Churchill. You have even referred to yourself as the North American Winston Churchill. What do you admire most about Sir Winston?

MORIARTY: “What is not to admire about the great Sir Winston Churchill? What the Brits forget is that he was half American. Jenny Churchill, his mother, was the greatest influence in his life and she was from the States. Without that influence he would have been a Brit poof. As it is, he, along with Ghandi, Kennedy and Dr. King, one of the four most majestic influences on the Twentieth Century.”

Q: Can you please tell us about your latest role in the movie, Chinese Checkers?

MORIARTY: Chinese Checkers? Seen a bit of it in the looping room and it looks pretty good. The other film, Don't Call Me Tonto, will surprise you. Totally insane, Dumb and Dumber.
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