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6 Décembre 2022

Law & Order: UK star Ben Daniels is obsessed with work
Publié par Roz Laws dans Sunday Mercury le 01/03/09.

IN HIS latest TV role, Ben Daniels plays a barrister so obsessed with his work that his wife left him.

It’s clever casting as Ben is a workaholic too, whose level of commitment goes far deeper than viewers of Law & Order: UK realise. Midlander Ben plays Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel in the critically-acclaimed ITV1 drama.

James’s quest for truth and justice has destroyed his marriage, and Ben is also consumed by his work. He doesn’t just say the lines, he needs to know everything about his character, from his favourite radio station to his parents’ occupations.

Ben says: “I am completely obsessive and always take characters home with me.

“I go into great detail and will email the producers to say ‘this word in the script, I think it should be a different one’.

“I’ve done lots of research for Law & Order. I grilled the head of the Crown Prosecution Service – was he bullied as a kid, where did this idea of fighting for justice come from?

“I’ve built up a complete back story for James. We don’t see him outside work, but I know what radio stations he listens to, what he likes to eat and drink, that his father taught maths and his mother taught English.

“That’s all passed to the props department who fill his office. It was my idea to give him a Rubik’s Cube to fiddle with. It’s a metaphor for his cases – if he does things in a certain way, he can bring about a harmonious outcome.

“I love all the legal stuff. I have a great set of books called Law Express, revision guides for law students, and you can go online and test yourself. I fear I’ve become boring!

“Doing all this preparation makes me feel less anxious, and the less anxious I am, the better I am.

“I know I can be too obsessive. My partner says ‘Just forget it!’ all the time. But he’s an actor too, so he understands. I hope there’s no threat of him leaving me!”

Ben has been with 59-year-old Ian Gelder for 16 years and reveals they have tied the knot in a civil partnership ceremony.

Playing such a “decent and morally upstanding” man as James Steel makes a change for Ben, who shot to fame as cheating Finn in the hairdressing drama Cutting It and decided Jesus should be crucified in The Passion.

Last year he was nominated for a Tony Award for his portrayal of manipulative Valmont in Les Liaison Dangereuses on Broadway.

He says: “Valmont is one of the most wayward characters in literature. While playing him, someone sent me a crucifix and said they would pray for me!

“The producers of Law & Order flew out to New York to see me on stage, then asked if I fancied playing a hero instead.”

Ben was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where his father was a Rolls-Royce engineer and later a grocer and his mother owned children’s clothes shops. He left Manor Park Comprehensive to take an A level in theatre studies at college in Stratford-upon-Avon before training at a London drama school. He has worked steadily ever since, although payment hasn’t always been forthcoming.

He is yet to be paid for Luna, a film by graphic novelist Dave McKean in which he stars with Dervla Kirwan and Michael Maloney.

“We had just one scene left to film when the money fell through. We’re waiting to get the final bit of funding so we can finish, 18 months on. I hope we can get paid and it will be released, though the financial climate is terrible for the arts.”

While Ben likes to choose quality productions – he turned down roles in Hollywood movies The Patriot and Vertical Limit – he can be persuaded into projects which satisfy his geeky side.

He collects comics and appeared in the sci-fi movie Doom because he’s a fan of the video game.

And he admits he would love to appear as a villain in Doctor Who.

“That would be fantastic and give me such kudos with my nephews and nieces!” he chuckles. “Her Doctor Who connection is one of the reasons why it was so great acting with Freema Ageyman in Law & Order: UK.

“She didn’t know the identity of the next Doctor, but she has told me things I will have to take to my grave.”

Article issu de Sunday Mercury et
initialement publié le 01/03/09.

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