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2 Octobre 2022

'Law & Order' star Richard Belzer says Apple Store harass accuser targeted him because of fame
Publié par Kerry Burke & Helen Kennedy dans New York Daily News le 11/03/10.

"Law and Order" actor Richard Belzer says the Apple Store employee who called cops on him targeted him because he's famous.

"I guess she was trying to shake me down. She clearly knew who I was," Belzer told the Daily News Thursday. "Sometimes when you are a celebrity, people try to take advantage of you."

The too-close encounter between Belzer, 65, and Milan Agnew, 21, happened Wednesday at the Apple Store at 67th St. and Broadway.

Belzer says he put his hand on her shoulder when she offered to help him. She says he grabbed her by the shoulders, shook her, choked her and barked, "I need help!"

She called 911 and filed a harrassment complaint.

Belzer told The News the whole thing was caught on a security tape - and it vindicates him.

"I didn't scream. I didn't choke her. Go to the videotape. The police did. A bunch of New York's Finest reviewed the tape, and they saw that there was nothing," he said. "I was not charged. There is no charge."

Belzer - a standup comedian who famously has played the same character, sarcastic detective John Munch, on a record nine different television shows - said his sympathies were with the cops Agnew called.

"It's too bad our fine police officers had to waste their time. They should ticket the girl," he said.

Article issu de New York Daily News et
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