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29 Septembre 2022

Katheryn Erbe Law and Order CI detective real life stalker drama
Publié par Christine Nyholm dans Examiner le 29/03/10.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent actress Katheryn Erbe is a crime fighter on the USA Network series, but in a real life drama, Erbe needed help from New York detectives to stop a stalker, according to a report in the New York Post.

Erbe is the petite blonde actress who is partnered with Vincent D'Onofiro, the genius detective Bobby Goran in the Law & Order series. The Criminal Intent detectives get inside the minds of criminal to solve ugly crimes in New York City.

In real life Erbe has been stalked by a love struck fan, Charles Nagel, who would send her love letters and show up on the set of the show. Erbe relied on NBC show producers and private security to monitor Nagel and his letters. In recent weeks the adulation escalated, as Nagel sent letters to the homes of several of Erbe's relatives.

The actress who portrays a detective went to real NYPD detectives, who investigated and arrested Nagle on stalking charges on Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Kathryn Erbe has starred as Detective Alex Eames on the NBC/USA series Law & Order Criminal Intent since 2001. Both Erbe and TV partner Vincent D'Onofiro as slated to leave the series this spring.

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