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26 Octobre 2020

'Law & Order: Los Angeles' gets cast, new premiere date
Publié par Lisa de Moraes dans The Washington Post le 30/07/10.

NBC's new "Law & Order: Los Angeles" is continuing to cast roles -- and yes it's still supposed to premiere in September though its debut just got moved one week later into the month, the network announced Friday.

Terrence Howard is joining the cast of "LOLA," as the show has been nicknamed; he will rotate with co-star Alfred Molina as deputy district attorney, series creator Dick Wolf told TV critics at Summer TV Press Tour 2010 on Friday.

Corey Stoll has also been added to the cast, paying star Skeet Ulrich's partner.
Critics held out hope that Wolf had found a cable network to keep "Law & Order: The Mothership" alive -- having already written their big feature stories for the day when it would officially become the longest running series in TV history, or whatever. NBC canceled the show in May after a 20-year run that tied, but did not break, "Gunsmoke's" record.

It's not happening, Wolf said.

"That's business. That's life. Everything on TV is born under a death sentence. They just don't tell you the execution date," Wolf said, grimly.

Asked if his salary or other money issues on the show had caused talks to fall apart, Wolf snarled, "You can't believe we're going to discuss negotiations!"

"In the 25 years I've been continuously on the air at NBC, we've never failed to make a deal when there was a deal to be made," he snapped.

Yes, when asked sensitive questions at a press tour, Dick Wolf tends turn into that third-grade teacher who made you stand at the front of the class with your nose placed inside the little circle she'd drawn on the chalkboard if she caught you writing with your left hand. In both cases, they were just trying to make you a better person.

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