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9 Décembre 2022

Los Angeles becomes a character in new 'Law & Order' spinoff
Publié par Jane Lasky dans LA Travel Examiner le 31/07/10.

July 31, 2010 -- Today, Law & Order master mind Dick Wolf talked about his spinoff to TV critics in town to take in the sun and more viable options on the small screen.
The new Law & Order: Los Angeles -- obviously, to take place in the City of Angels -- occurs in a town ripe for television location shooting and in which familiar landmarks are often prominent.
A myriad series take place or have taken place here, many of which show off some of the steamier side of the Tinseltown (LA Law immediately comes to mind) while many show the glamor and the lifestyle of the Entertainment Capital of the World (how about Beverly Hills 90210?).
Now the producers of the new NBC drama's plan to use the LA as a character in the show is similar to the way New York was depicted in the original version.
'LA is a mosaic of communities,” said Law & Order: Los Angeles executive producer Rene Balcer to the crowd of critics who gathered in Beverly Hills.
'That’s going to be a fun part of these episodes.'
What's going to be fun for visitors to our town is that once they have been here they can relate their experiences to those on TV -- or at least point out familiar streets, buildings, landmarks -- and, potentially, TV stars. Likewise, those who haven't been to our neck of the woods will likely be enticed -- once again -- by a fictional story that makes the fact of a vacation in the City of Angels a real possibility.
Tourism reigns as Los Angeles, once again, becomes a character on TV -- this time in the new Law & Order spinoff set to be seen on the LA scene this fall. Thanks NBC.

Article issu de LA Travel Examiner et
initialement publié le 31/07/10.

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