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1 Décembre 2022

'Law and Order: Los Angeles': Dick Wolf talks cops
Publié par Joel Rubin dans Los Angeles Times - Show Tracker le 06/10/10.

"Law and Order" creator Dick Wolf was the guest at Los Angeles Magazine's breakfast speaker series Wednesday morning. As expected, much of the talk focused on "Law and Order: Los Angeles," the juggernaut's latest domestic off-shoot that debuted last week.

(I'm told the spread was delicious. Not that I would know. I have to assume the event organizers somehow missed all the buzz last week surrounding the genius move by editors at the L.A. Times to have a real-life cops reporter (me) blog about a fictional crime show based on real-life crimes the reporter already covered for the paper. If L.A. Mag had caught wind of this seriously exciting piece of news, then I definitely would have been invited to share in the eggs and pastries. Yes, I'm bitter.)

Even though I wasn't there (still bitter), it's obvious from the recap on L.A. Mag's website that Wolf wasted no time responding to criticisms I leveled in my post last week on the show's debut episode. In that post, I took Wolf and his team of writers to task for the trite stereotypes and tired storylines of Los Angeles that ran thick and heavy through the first episode.

"We are trying to fulfill an expectation of what L.A. is about," Wolf said Wednesday. "The first episode was very deliberate -- it's not going to be Hollywood every week, but I thought it really was the best way to introduce the show, to show that it was really different from the New York version."

(OK, so I can't confirm that Wolf actually read my post, but until he calls me to say differently, I'm going to assume Show Tracker is the first thing he checks on Thursday mornings.)

Wolf went on to share his take on politicians, New York cops versus Los Angeles cops, and more. You can view a video of the event here.

Episode 2 airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on NBC. Check back here on Show Tracker Thursday morning for my deep insights and sizzling commentary.

Also, if you want to receive alerts from me about my "Law and Order" posts and real-life articles on the Los Angeles Police Department, follow me on Twitter.

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