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1 Décembre 2022

'Boardwalk Empire' fills the void left by 'Law & Order,' hiring 1,200 and spending millions
Publié par Lukas I. Alpert dans New York Daily News le 11/10/10.

HBO's new series "Boardwalk Empire" is quickly filling the film industry void left when "Law & Order" was canceled.

The acclaimed series hired 1,200 people and poured millions of dollars into local industry coffers while filming in Brooklyn over the past year, Crain's New York Business reported Sunday.

The show about gangsters, set in Atlantic City in the 1920s, has a $65 million budget and is a huge boon for the city.

New York beat out other locales, including the south Jersey casino town, due to favorable tax breaks and the high level of local expertise, Crain's reported.

"We are the biggest production of the season," said Joe Iberti, co-producer of the show.

"In terms of scale and the number of people employed, it's on the level of a 'Law & Order' and is probably even bigger."

The cancellation of "Law & Order" was a blow to the industry, as the television institution had pumped an estimated $79 million into the city's economy every year.

"Boardwalk Empire" is at the beginning of its first season, but it was quickly renewed for a second season after a monster premiere that attracted 7.1 million viewers - the biggest for any HBO series in six years.

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