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9 Décembre 2022

'Soprano' Imperioli on 'L&O'
Publié dans AP le 20/04/05.

Michael Imperioli is a turncoat.

The "Sopranos" star plays a homicide detective on four episodes on NBC's "Law & Order." Going from mobster to police officer, though, wasn't a dramatic leap for the actor.

"I find a lot of similarities just in the basic genetic makeup of these guys, of Christopher Moltisanti [his character on the HBO show] and Nick Falco [his role on 'Law & Order']," Imperioli told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

"Geographically, economically and culturally, they grew up kind of similar."

A New Yorker, the 39-year-old Imperioli can now check off two of the city's signature metro-area dramas -- and would like to add another Big Apple tradition.

"I've always wanted to work with Woody Allen in one of his movies," he said. "I actually got a role in 'Celebrity,' but it conflicted with the pilot episode of 'The Sopranos.' "

"The Sopranos" will begin shooting its sixth season April 29, but Imperioli said he hasn't yet seen a script. Creator and producer David Chase has said this will be the show's last season, but Imperioli hopes otherwise.

"I think we're all hoping for it," he said. "I think everyone's a little reluctant for it to end. I also have faith that if there's not [another season], it's David Chase making the right decision for the show."

On "Law & Order," Imperioli teams up with his character's uncle, Detective Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina). His first appearance on the police drama was set to air Wednesday night.

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