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23 Octobre 2020

'Law & Order: Los Angeles' Does Ronni Chasen-Inspired Episode & Shortens Name
Publié par Nellie Andreeva dans Deadline le 19/03/11.

Dick Wolf has said that, after the creative revamp of Law & Order: Los Angeles, it will more closely resemble the mothership Law & Order series. And now LOLA is doing exactly what L&O famously did - take a big local crime story and do a fictional version of it. An upcoming episode of the spinoff, which is now filming, features a storyline clearly inspired by the recent murder of top Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen. In the episode, entitled Benedict Canyon, a famous Hollywood stylist is murdered in what initially appears a random robbery gone bad. But, while in the case of Chasen the investigation ruled the murder just that - the result of a random robbery - the case on LOLA takes multiple turns and gets more sinister as dark family secrets are revealed.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed viewers probably noticed that in the new NBC promos for the April 11 return of LOLA, the title of the show is listed as Law & Order: LA. Along with the show, its title is getting a makeover too - it is being shortened from the original Law & Order: Los Angeles.

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