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30 Novembre 2020

NBC Renews ‘Harry’s Law,’ Cancels ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’
Publié par Brian Tallerico dans Hollywood Chicago le 11/05/11.

We got these two right. In our feature earlier this week predicting what would happen at the NBC Upfronts on Monday, we predicted that “Harry’s Law” would get a second season and that “Law & Order: Los Angeles” would not and this is exactly what TV By the Numbers is hearing has been made official (as has the expected pick-up of “Wonder Woman”).

No word yet on the future of other bubble programs at NBC, including “Chuck,” “Outsourced,” and “Parenthood.”

Both “Harry’s Law” and “Law & Order: Los Angeles” premiered with strong numbers but slid in the following weeks. “Harry’s Law” plateaued at a reasonable level, especially for NBC. It’s not a “hit,” but it seems to have a loyal following and that’s something NBC could use right now.

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” seemed troubled from the beginning and the decision to overhaul the cast so early in the show’s progression might have smelled like desperation to some viewers. When Skeet Ulrich left (despite the fact that this critic thought it was the right decision), viewers did as well. With “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” currently airing its final season, this means that there will only be one installment of Dick Wolf’s legendary franchise on the air in the fall, assuming NBC can finalize contract negotiations with Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni of “Law & Order: SVU”.

Keep a close eye on TV news is breaking fast and we’ll be here to report all of the schedule announcements this week and next.

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