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1 Décembre 2022

NY senator Chuck Schumer: Bring 'Law & Order' back to the Big Apple!
Publié par Richard Huff dans New York Daily News le 02/06/11.

New York's senior senator, Chuck Schumer, is making a pitch to get NBC to bring "Law & Order" back to the city.

NBC canceled the show and replaced it with "Law & Order: Los Angeles" during the past season, but the Los Angeles version didn't work out so well, even after being retooled midway through its run. So NBC canceled it, too, last month when it issued its fall lineup.

Schumer wrote to NBC programming honcho Bob Greenblatt, asking that he revive the show in New York.

"With 'Law & Order,' there are two separate yet equally important ingredients for success: the plot lines, which provide the drama, and New York, which provides the backdrop for hundreds of stories ripped right from the headlines," Schumer said in a statement. "Now that the L.A. experiment is over, it's time to bring 'Law & Order' home to New York, where it belongs."

The chances of getting the show renewed and brought back to New York, however, are slim to none at this point.

In his letter to Greenblatt, Schumer noted that "Law & Order" would employ roughly 4,000 people and kick in $79 million to the local economy. He also pointed out there are tax credits available for shows produced in the state.

"I know that New Yorkers and our local businesses would welcome the opportunity to see such a great show reunited with such a great city," Schumer wrote.

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