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6 Décembre 2022

SVU' Production During 'Mockupy'
Publié par Michael O'Connell dans The Hollywood Reporter le 09/12/11.

Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement did not take kindly to their old Zuccotti Park camp being recreated for an upcoming storyline on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Protestors crashed a New York set late Thursday night, toting signs with messages such as "We are a movement, not a TV plot" and chanting while the NBC series tried to film in Manhattan's Foley Square.

The Huffington Post reports a member of the OWS team explained that the siege was in good spirits.
"People did it in the spirit of absurdity and fun," said Han Shan. "We like to come together in public space and share ideas and show our vision through our action and we're doing that tonight with a good bit of jest and big fat smiles on our faces."
The show probably didn't find the ordeal as entertaining. Within an hour of the 100-or-so protestors entering the set, the NYPD arrived and announced that the city had rescinded the film permit. It was unclear whether this was because of the protestors or the park's 1:00 a.m. curfew.

A NBC rep told THR the network would not be commenting on the story at this time.
For Law & Order's part, its recreation of Liberty Square was apparently quite authentic. It included a replica of the library and the kitchen, fully stocked with food.
The AP reports that no arrests were made, despite threats from the police, and the set was dismantled soon after the crowd left.

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