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6 Décembre 2022

DGA to Honor 'Law & Order' Director Ed Sherin at Awards Show
Publié par Kurt Orzeck dans Reuters le 14/12/11.

Emmy-winning television director Ed Sherin ("Law & Order"), and television directors Katy Garretson and Dennis Mazzocco will receive related awards.

Sherin, who served as DGA National vice president from 1997 to 2004, will receive the 2012 Honorary Life Member Award. The honor -- which most recently went to Bob Iger, Barry Meyer and Roger Ebert -- recognizes creative achievement, industry leadership, contribution to the guild and contribution to the profession of directing.

The 2012 Frank Capra Achievement Award will go to Garretson for career achievement and service to the guild. Mazzocco will receive similar recognition with the 2012 Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award.

Sherin oversaw the renovation of the DGA building in New York and the creation of DGA Honors, which recognize filmmakers, and leaders in business, government and labor.

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“Ed Sherin devoted himself to advocating on behalf of our Eastern members," Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford said in a statement. "His leadership and energy reinvigorated the membership and inspired many to become involved in guild service.”

Hackford said of Garretson and Mazzocco: “Long-time leaders in the guild, they are dedicated to representing the interests of their fellow members and standing up for their creative and economic rights."

Past recipients of the Frank Capra Achievement Award include Cleve Landsberg, Kim Kurumada and Liz Ryan. The Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award was previously granted to Maria Jimenez Henley, Scott Berger and Barbara J. Roche.

The 64th Annual DGA Awards Dinner will be held at the Grand Ballroom in Los Angeles. Award nominees in categories including feature films, television, commercials and documentaries will be announced in January.

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