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9 Décembre 2022

Terrence Howard Accuses Estranged Wife of Calling Him Racial Slurs
Publié dans The Hollywood Reporter le 21/12/11.

The Oscar-nominated actor files new court documents claiming Michelle Howard called him a "n---er" and "monkey," two weeks after she obtained a restraining order against him alleging physical abuse.

Terrence Howard is firing back at his estranged wife.

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Two weeks after Michelle Howard obtained a restraining order against the Oscar-nominated actor, claiming he repeatedly threatened and hit her during their marriage, he is alleging in court documents that she called him racial slurs like "n---er" and "monkey."

According to TMZ, Terrence Howard claims in a new declaration filed in L.A. County Superior Court when Michelle Howard -- who is not black -- became upset, she made statements such as "[I] never wanted to marry a n---er in the first place" and "[I] definitely didn't want to be the stepmother of some n---er kids."

He also says she was once a "loving, gentle" person who changed throughout the course of their marriage and once threatened to have him killed by her "Russian friends."
The actor also claims she attacked him with a bottle twice after accusing him of talking to other women.

TMZ also has reported that Terrence Howard claims his wife is trying to extort him over private recordings she allegedly stole off his computer.
On Dec. 6, Michelle Howard was granted a restraining order against her husband that requires him to stay 100 yards away from her. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon granted the stay-away order sought by Michelle Howard after she filed a lengthy declaration alleging abuse began within a week of the couple's January 2010 marriage.
Michelle Howard filed for divorce a year later.

The restraining order remains in effect until a Jan. 17 court hearing.
Terrence Howard denies the allegations.
The actor appeared in the first Iron Man film and received an Oscar nomination in 2005 for his role in Hustle and Flow. He also has starred in Law & Order: LA.

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