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21 Mai 2018

'Law And Order: SVU' Preview Of 'Father's Shadow': Harry Connick Jr., Miranda Lambert Guest Star
Publié par Crystal Bell dans The Huffington Post le 08/02/12.

"Law and Order: SVU" has never shied away from guest stars, but this week's all-new episode, "Father's Shadow," is chock-full of famous faces: country superstar Miranda Lambert, "Shameless" teen actor Cameron Monaghan, veteran actor Michael McKean and Harry Connick Jr., who continues his four-episode stint as Olivia Benson's (Mariska Hargitay) new love interest.

In the episode, airing Wed., Feb. 8 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC, Lambert plays Lacey Ford, an aspiring actress who falls under the spell of a hotshot movie producer (McKean), who uses his casting couch for more than just rehearsing lines.

A woman who auditioned for his reality show is found drugged in Central Park -- and there's evidence of sexual assault.

It doesn't take long for Detective Benson to crack the case, and crack down on the perp. But once the case is resolved, no one is prepared when a family member of the accused, played by Monaghan, decides to seek justice by breaking the law himself. And it's Olivia who gets caught in the crossfire.

Unfortunately, for fans of Olivia's budding romance with handsome ADA David (Connick Jr.), don't expect too much canoodling in this episode (though an emotionally unstable teen kidnaps Olivia and David does worry about her).

Olivia and David may be taking things slowly, but at least they'll "always have Paris."

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