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29 Septembre 2022

Harmon Leaving "Law & Order"
Publié par Emily Farache dans E! Online le 10/04/01.

Okay, so it's not exactly surprising when a cast member of NBC's Law & Order decides to leave the drama, but we just thought you'd like to know that Angie's angling for an exit.

Angie Harmon (aka Assistant D.A. Abbie Carmichael)--the woman you hired to replace Carey Lowell, who replaced Jill Hennessy, who replaced Richard Brooks--wants out of her contract.

Like those former assistant district attorneys before her, Harmon's itching to pursue a career in movies. (Of course, their legacy has been so fruitful. What's Lowell up to lately? And Brooks? There's still time to reconsider, Angie.)

Harmon, whose career was pretty much nonexistent prior to joining the top-rated crime series (we're not counting that brief stint on Baywatch Nights) three seasons ago, will be able to exit early if producer Dick Wolf can find a replacement.

"She asked to be released early from her contractual commitment to the show," Wolf said in a statement. "As I've said numerous times in the past, if an actor wants to leave the series for personal reasons, and gives ample notice so that it doesn't affect production, I have never stood in anyone's way."

Amazingly, Law & Order has not only survived numerous casting changes in its 12-year history, but has managed to thrive. Last season, Steven Hill, the series' longest-running cast member who played the stodgy District Attorney Adam Schiff, left and was replaced by Diane Wiest. And the show has been picked up by NBC through the 2005 season.

In addition to wrapping the feature Good Advice with Charlie Sheen (she's leaving for more of that?!), Harmon has been busy shooting the first six episodes of next season's Law & Order. The Studios USA-produced series has agreed to shoot the extra shows before a possible strike by writers and actors this summer (the additional shooting didn't sit too well with the writers union).

The 28-year-old actress will marry New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn in June, after a surprise proposal to her on Jay Leno's Tonight Show last year.

But she still might have to hold off on the honeymoon. Although Wolf says he is happy to let Harmon go, if he can't find a replacement, the law is clear--she'll have to stay and fulfill her contract.

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