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9 Décembre 2022

Rohm's Harmon-ious Transition
Publié par Michael Ausiello dans TV Guide le 30/05/01.

Angie Harmon — whose three-year run as assistant district attorney Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order ended with last week's season finale — didn't leave the show without giving her replacement, Bull's Elisabeth Rohm, some lasting words of encouragement. "She said, 'Come on, I wanna give you a tour of the set,'" laughs Rohm. "She's a very gregarious person. I really didn't talk to her that long, but she was lovely."

Given the speed of the transition — Rohm started work less than 24 hours after Harmon taped her final scene — it's no surprise their encounter was a brief one. (Fearing a writers strike, L&O creator Dick Wolf got an early jump on Season 12; an agreement between scribes and producers has since been reached.) "I must say, we had wondered what it was going to be like ahead of time," admits co-star Sam Waterston of the rapid leading-lady switcheroo. "But they're two wonderful women, and I think they just did it beautifully."

For her part, Rohm — who will first appear as the new ADA during the season premiere next fall — credits Waterston and company with helping her ease into Harmon's Manolo Blahnik pumps. "I knew the work would turn out alright," she concedes. "I was just hoping the cast would accept me. It's been a really long run, but they've been so sweet. I could not be happier.

"And I am from New York [where L&O tapes]," adds the former One Life to Live ingenue, "so I came home and its just been awesome."

In fact, the only drawback to the L&O gig is that it may preclude her from reprising her recurring role on the WB's Angel. "I think [the Angel brass] want me to do it, but it would be so hard just because it's on the opposite side of the country," sighs Rohm, who played a cop with a vendetta against Angel (David Boreanaz) on the L.A.-based drama. "In all perfect worlds, I think I'd like to continue because it would be great to do two different parts at the same time, but it is a little hard geographically."

Article issu de TV Guide et
initialement publié le 30/05/01.

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