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6 Décembre 2022

Reality bites 'Law' format
Publié par Cynthia Littleton dans Variety le 30/09/99.

Dick Wolf and Studios USA Domestic TV are developing a syndie strip patterned after the tried-and-true "Law & Order" format.

Like Wolf's enduring NBC drama series, each half-hour seg of the still-untitled syndie skein would be divided into two primary segments: the police investigation of real-life crimes and the prosecution that follows.

Reps for Wolf and Studios USA would not comment on the matter Wednesday. The distrib is said to be in the middle of putting together a pilot and evaluating the show's prospects as a syndie rollout next fall.

But Wolf's involvement and the "Law & Order" cachet -- although the strip would not have any formal link to the primetime series -- is sure to pique the interest of station buyers.

Good timing

Some syndie biz watchers said the timing would be right for a high-profile new entry in the law enforcement reality genre, which peaked in the early 1990s with the success of "Real Stories of the Highway Patrol," "Emergency Call" and other vehicles.

Wolf Films is co-producing the project with MoPo Entertainment, the production banner of Studios USA-based talkshow host Maury Povich, headed by prexy Rob Port.

It's understood that the show would blend reenactment segs with footage of criminal investigations and trials culled from law enforcement and news sources around the world. Sources said there's been no decision yet about whether the show would have a regular host.

'Lover or Loser'

Separately, Studios USA also is developing a contrived confection of a relationship gameshow dubbed "Lover or Loser," exec produced by TV vet Scott Sternberg.

The half-hour strip would put two male contestants on display in front of an audience of femmes, who would vote on whether each contestant looked on the surface like a lover or, yes, a loser.

From there, friends, former girlfriends and family members of the contestants would emerge to deliver anecdotes about the men and answer questions from the audience, which would take up the lover-or-loser ballot again.

The victor in that voting round would then get his pick of three femmes from the aud to date -- but only if his chosen one is so inclined. Thesp Meredyth Hunt is attached as a host.

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