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30 Janvier 2023

Who's leaving Law & Order next season?
Publié par Michael Ausiello dans TV Guide le 26/04/06.

Question: Will all of the Law & Order shows return as-is next year? — Kris

Ausiello: Definitely not, and that brings me to this week's big-ass prattle poop. Dick Wolf sent out a memo to casting directors on both coasts last week alerting them that they will be "adding series regulars to all of the Law & Order shows for next season." Among the roles they're looking to fill: male and female cops, young and seasoned; male and female detectives, open age; male and female ADAs, young; male and female lawyers/DAs, open age. The memo went on to say that "the most important characteristic that your actors must posses is a very New York edge." Now, keep in mind that Wolf has already said that a major cast member will be leaving Law & Order next season, but the exodus apparently extends far beyond the mothership. Speaking of which, NBC released this teaser about the May 17 finale that may provide clues as to who's leaving. "In a legal gambit, ADA McCoy (Sam Waterston) must then risk his career — and those of others, as well — to bend the rules." Sounds like Sammy may not be long for the L&O universe.

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initialement publié le 26/04/06.

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