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29 Septembre 2022

More 'Law’ & No ‘Order’ For NBC
Publié par Roger Friedman dans Fox News le 06/06/06.

As I told you last month, the "Law & Order" shows produced by Dick Wolff are going through some big changes.

Now what I’m hearing is that actress Anabella Sciorra, one of my personal favorites, is out at “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Sciorra appears in about half the season’s episodes with Chris Noth, while the other half of the season is guided by Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.

Also out at Criminal Intent is solid actor Jamey Sheridan, who put in five years there are the captain of police. There’s no word yet on casting for replacements.

At the same time, Dennis Farina is out at the main “Law & Order” show, where he had the unenviable task of succeeding the late Jerry Orbach. Farina was preceded to the exit door by Annie Parisse, who had one season as the Assistant District Attorney.

I guess the one person whose job is secure on the “Law & Order” shows is the casting director. One thing is for sure, Wolf never lets that department rest. It should be interesting to see them fill all these important roles before the new season begins filming.

“Criminal Intent,” by the way, is losing a longtime Wolf writer-producer in Rene Balcer. He’s being replaced by playwright and screenwriter Warren Leight, a favorite New York scribe whose play “Sideman” starred Edie Falco long before she was a Soprano. Warren’s worked on “Law & Order” for many years, so he’s no stranger to Wolf’s ways.

At the same time, there are rumblings that Wolf is developing a new show about Los Angeles DA’s who prosecute Hollywood types, with much emphasis on the Anthony Pellicano case. If so, Wolf would do well to hire investigator Paul Barresi as a consultant. Barresi is the only link between Pellicano—for whom he worked—and the supermarket tabloids that the sullied private eye used to stir the pot in Hollywood. Barresi’s treasure trove of tape recordings left to him by National Enquirer reporter Jim Mitteager could provide several seasons of riveting episodes.

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