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6 Décembre 2022

An Interview with Emmy-Winning Actor Michael Moriarty, Presidential Candidate
Publié par Jim Kouri dans The Conservative Voice le 16/08/06.

[NDW: Moriarty - candidat marginal à la présidentielle 2008 - continue ses délires réactionnaires...]

There have been only a few Americans who successfully made the transition from movie star to politics, the most successful being the late Ronald Reagan. However, there's a new voice for the 2008 presidential election cycle to be reckoned with -- actor Michael Moriarty.

Moriarty is an Emmy Award/Golden Globe winning actor who's best known for his role as a dedicated prosecutor on the long-running TV series "Law & Order."

In 1973, Moriarty was cast opposite Robert DeNiro in "Bang the Drum Slowly," a film about friendship between two baseball teammates. Also in 1973, Moriarty starred in a TV movie adaptation of "The Glass Menagerie" opposite Katherine Hepburn. Coincidentally, the film also featured Sam Waterston, who took over the role Executive Assistant District Attorney on "Law & Order." Moriarty's role in Menagerie won him an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Supporting Actor of the Year.

His film credits include Clint Eastwood's "The Pale Rider," "Hanoi Hilton," "Report to the Commissioner," "Q," "A Return to Salem's Lot," and many others. He starred in the acclaimed mini-series "Holocaust" playing a Nazi who degenerates into a cold-blooded murderer (which earned him another Emmy Award).

From 1990 to 1994, he starred as Ben Stone on Law & Order. He ended up leaving the show in 1994, alleging that his departure was a result of his threatening a lawsuit against then-Attorney General Janet Reno, who had cited Law & Order as offensively violent. Moriarty, as a staunch constitutionalist and defender of the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights, was repulsed by what he saw as an attempt by the Federal Government to censor TV content by putting pressure on network executives.

He claimed that not only did Janet Reno want to censor shows like "Law and Order" but also such innocuous fare as "Murder She Wrote." In his account of what occurred, he was deeply upset that his objections to this move on the part of the government was not only not taken seriously by "Law & Order" executive producer Dick Wolf, but that Wolf and other network executives seemed to be caving in to the unreasonable and unwarranted demands of the Attorney General on this issue of "TV Violence."

Moriarty published a full page advertisement in a Hollywood trade magazine calling upon fellow artists to stand up with him against this attempt to censor TV show content and was rocked to his foundations when Hollywood did not seem to notice or take care of the alarm bells he was trying to ring on this issue.

He subsequently wrote and published a book about his account of this time in his life, called "The Gift of Stern Angels." He moved to Canada, declaring himself a political exile.

Recent projects in which he has starred include "Courage Underfire" with Denzel Washington, "Along Came a Spider" with Morgan Freeman, "James Dean," for which he won his third Emmy, "4400," and others.

Moriarty today lives in British Columbia, where he still acts, plays Jazz, and writes music and has become politically active, calling himself a "Realist."

Moriarty has recently announced his intention to run for President of the United States in 2008. He's also a frequent contributor of numerous political columns to the ESR (Enter Stage Right) online Journal of Conservatism. As a matter of curiosity and as a testament to his punditry skills, Moriarty proved his Canadian political acumen by correctly predicting – nearly 2 years in advance – that Stockwell Day would become the leader of the Reform Party of Canada.

Recently, TCV interviewed Michael Moriarty regarding his politics and his political aspirations as presidential candidate for the Realists Party. He won this writer over, if only for the fact that he knows what it's like to be a cop in New York City, and he's passionate about ending abortion:

TCV: How would you describe your political philosophy? Liberal-Left, Paleo-Conservative, Neo-Conservative, Libertarian, Reagan Conservative?

MORIARTY: Libertarian, CATHOLIC Conservative. Although many Catholics would dispute my credentials on their side of the Christ Profile, I'm adamantly pro-life, and so far the only unequivocally committed opponents of abortion are the Holy Father and the Catholic Church.

TCV: What are the most pressing issues we face as a nation?

MORIARTY: Though most say Terrorism and Immigration are the most pressing issues, I am certain that in the next five and a half years, as the conditions of the United States WORSEN under the next President -- one who will be literally appointed by the Bush/Clinton Coalition Government -- and our bizarre inability to capture Osama bin Laden remains, we will find abortion and the despotic Roe v. Wade Decision revealing itself as a virtual burning of the Declaration of Independence and our "inalienable right to life…when created"… not gestated. So, the pressing issue will, inevitably, be the Third Millennium's version of American slavery: ABORTION.

As the central demand in an unconditional surrender, following the War In Vietnam, the Roe v. Wade surrender term not demanded by Ho Chi Minh, but by Mao Zedong and his Final Solution To The Population Problem - Mao's inhuman ideology survived him to this day and is more powerful than ever - America will finally recognize herself as virtually an Occupied France with a Vichy-like Coalition Government running it.

Like the collaborating Vichy government in France under the Nazis, America will surrender to laws and ideologies that contradict the American Constitution and the most simple Human Rights. The Supreme Court took a once individually free nation and corrupted it by the lie of Science that fetuses are, in their first two trimesters, no more than egg yolk. Ultimately, our American Intellectual Supremacists bought the "Population Problem," in the same way Europe fell under the thrall of the so-called "Jewish Problem."

There is no American Population Problem. New York City is a Population Triumph. And why? Because of American individual freedom and responsibility under the Golden Rule.

TCV: What is your position on illegal aliens and the issue of immigration in general?

MORIARTY: All illegal aliens should be dealt with as orphans are. Legal papers are a necessity. The aliens/orphans either abide by ALL the rules of their adoptive country or they are sent back to their original homeland. Those illegal aliens who do NOT report their presence in the United States within six months of the offer, rather like Vietnam War Protesters in Canada, will be arrested. The aliens will then be sent back. All aliens caught at the border are sent back immediately.

As for immigration, we are the most individually free and responsible nation in the world and the United Nations will NOT lower our standards, either by peer pressure or the emotional blackmail they wish to put in the press. The illegal immigrants, received here as orphans, will give us more than enough new blood to our ever-growing Rainbow Reality. International requests for massive immigrations are, particularly in the midst of World War III, utterly unacceptable.

TCV: How would you continue fighting the war on terrorism?

MORIARTY: First of all, the Al Qaeda and all Islamic Terrorists are being used by growing socialist federations, like the European Union, as a virtual Gestapo to terrorize Judeo-Christians into submission and eventual absorption into Marxist Tyranny. Red China now feeds the Janjaweed in the Sudan, while its Axis Ally, Russia, is feeding Iran. To deal with these attack dogs you must talk firmly to their owner. In addition, Kim Jong Il of atomic-bearing North Korea is hardly his own master.

Islam, in and of itself, however, is an Allah-worshipping, Kamikaze Nation, exactly like pre-World War II Imperial Japan. It's Bible, the Koran, can be read like Hitler's Mein Kampf. It demands to rule the entire human race. Islam's only idea of freedom of religion is the freedom of Islam to rule everything. Islamic Political Parties should be no more trusted than neo-Nazi, White Supremacists and David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan have been trusted. Tragically, the only language Islam, like Hirohito's Japan, understands is violence. The measures Harry Truman took to end the war with Japan may prove tragically necessary with Islam.

TCV: Do you believe the Iraq conflict is part of the overall war on terrorism?

MORIARTY: No, I believe that the Bush Family has been renting out the Pentagon to protect Saudi Arabia and neighboring Islamic Monarchies from Saddam Hussein. To what extent the Bushes have personally profited from this arrangement is strongly inferred by CIA Agent, Bob Baer, in his book, SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL. Osama bin Laden, creator of Al Qaeda's 9/11 assault upon the Twin Towers, is a member of a Saudi Royal Family and has yet to be caught.

He basically gave George Bush, Jr. the "probable cause for war" he needed. George W. was not about to make the same mistake Lyndon Baines Johnson did with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and a mere "police action." However, even though we're in Iraq for the WRONG REASONS, we MUST stay there. To leave now would be like General MacArthur leaving the Philippines without having been forced out. For now, we won't have to say, "We shall return!"

TCV: What would you look for in a possible nominee to the US Supreme Court?

MORIARTY: America did not become America until after the surrender at Appomattox in 1865. Till then we were, though not literally, but virtually living under the Justice Roger Taney Supreme Court's heinous Dredd Scott Decision. We BECAME America with Appomattox, but with the Roe v. Wade Decision of the Rehnquist Supreme Court, we returned to being the hypocrites we'd been for 87 years under our criminal neglect of slavery and slave-profiteering. Only in this case, it's the cold indifference to human life brought on by the increasing Supremacy of Science.

Now with the Roe v. Wade Decision in place for 33 years, we live under a Declaration of Dependence Upon The Supreme Court, which states, "We of the Supreme Court hold this truth to be inviolable: that all men and women are GESTATED equal; endowed by the Supreme Court with the highly alienable right to life, after, of course, the first two trimesters of gestation during which we are nothing but egg yolk to be scrambled in the womb."

With the Supreme Court Decisions of both Dredd Scott and Roe v. Wade, not to mention their evisceration of property rights under their Eminent Domain Decision, the Supreme Court, since its inception, has lived down to Thomas Jefferson's fears that it would become an "oligarchy." Lincoln branded the Taney Court "despots."

Even Voltaire, of the French Enlightenment, described his peers of Intellectual Supremacy as "enlightened despots."

Justice Anthony Scalia said the only way to deal with a decision such as Roe v. Wade is a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. The appointment of new justices will only postpone curing the central problem of the Supreme Court's addiction to Intellectual Supremacy. The amendment which I, as President of the United States, would put above all else during my first 100 days, would be a Constitutional Amendment, MANDATING the Supreme Court to first live UP to the Declaration of Independence before ever concerning itself with the fine print of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, both of which have been treated like toilet paper by ALL THREE ESTATES of American Government, the Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Somehow our nation has lived with the Constitution and Bill of Rights in tatters. However, we will remain beyond redemption and drowning in the quick sands of blatant hypocrisy, out of which we cannot possibly win a war, if we allow the Supreme Court, in one fell swoop, to return us to the benighted state America lived in under the likes of a Dredd Scott or Roe v. Wade Decision.

TCV: How would you begin to get government spending under control and reduce deficit spending?

MORIARTY: We are in a war, therefore draconian economic moves spell suicide. Pulling Americans off of an increasingly socialist welfare system while they are concentrating on overcoming the fear of terrorism, dealing with the unidentified curse of not really defending the America we had founded after the Civil War, and fighting a war with enemies, the Evil Axis of which is far larger than merely Islam, prohibits any "cold turkey" changes to the economic system we live under.

President Eisenhower's self-containment policies of the 1950's are the key. America then, with 6% of the world's population and 7% of the Earth's real estate, had the largest, per capita, gross domestic product in the world and consumed almost all of it. The United States, in effect, didn't NEED the rest of the world; and with the way that world has treated us since Vietnam, we would do well to treat our present situation as the Cold War it has always been.

The great, economic sword of Damocles hanging over America in the coming five years is the bill for the War In Iraq. Foreign Aid should be entirely suspended until we pay off that debt with funds formally earmarked for other countries. In addition, the war-profiteers within our own country must be held to account for an additional share of the costs in Iraq, that means all ground floor companies and industries who are now inside Iraq, as not only logistics support to American forces, but are building businesses in a very vulnerable, war-torn area. Profiting from people when they're down is the ugliest of ugly American, Capitalist practices and, in the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt, one of the great antitrust Presidents, a close eye must be kept upon "Daddy Warbucks." That includes, of course, the "military-industrial complex" which President Eisenhower warned us about.

The country to which we are most in debt is STILL our enemy, Red China. Their lies and evasions about the Fair Trade Agreement between us must stop. It will be, under my watch, hardball with Beijing. Very hardball.

TCV: How do you feel about the missile defense system?

MORIARTY: Whether it was or is true or not, the threat of SDS dismantled the Soviet Union. Our problem now is the open admission by Red China that they are so DEEP into our missile defense system, both strategic and defensive, that we can't even re-target our missiles without the Red Chinese knowing about it. The Red Chinese Spy Scare, under the Clinton Administration, was whitewashed so fast that it's no wonder our defense is an open book to Beijing. Beijing said that if we merely re-target our missiles, they'd launch!

TVC: What is your position on abortion?

MORIARTY: Worldwide abortion, which is actually Mao Zedong's Final Solution To The Population Problem, and extended into the United States by a despotic Supreme Court and a Scientific Supremacy worthy of the Third Reich, this abomination will be recorded in Judeo-Christian History, once Judeo-Christian Historians are allowed to publish, as the lowest, most loathsome bottom the human race has ever sunk to. With abortion on the list of the Contagious Disease Centers as outbreaks to be watched, why, in God's name why have we waited so long to wake up to the evil that has encompassed us from within?

TCV: What is your position on gun control?

MORIARTY: A gun, like a car, another lethal weapon, requires training, formal tests to determine maturity and expertise, and registering. We know, almost to the car model, how many vehicles are on the road. Why not guns?

Government seizure of LICENSED guns, barring an armed full army beyond the expertise of a State Patrol, MUST BE DEALT WITH BY LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms department MUST be disbanded! Following their outrageous, Gestapo behavior in Waco, Texas, NO Federal Department should have the right to overrule local law enforcement because a household contains alcohol, tobacco and or firearms! It was, with the most Soviet-like intent, that that department was created in the first place. The Koresh Compound's weapons were LICENSED!! Waco's sheriff attested to that.

TCV: How would you deal with renegade nations such as Iran and North Korea?

MORIARTY: Talk to the owners of those nations. North Korea is owned by Beijing. Iran is owned by all of Islam, the spiritual leaders of which, in a hierarchy which the American Government seems to have misunderstood, misread or neglected because of excessive oil ties to Saudi Arabia, must be very, very, very closely watched.

The RCMP and CISUS of Canada are now doing what should have been done immediately after 9/11. They are deliberately infiltrating Mosques! I have no hope for Islam in general. None at all. As with Japan, that psychotic nation will most likely be the last of our enemies to seek a peace.

TCV: How would you deal with the leaks suspected of coming from the CIA, NSA or other government agencies?

MORIARTY: That, of all your questions, is the hardest for me to answer. The Communists have, for decades, waged an unbelievably successful WAR OF THEATER. They have skillfully, with the invaluable help of "elitist," public broadcasting documentaries, Progressive Liberals of New York, Rainbow Coalitionists of Chicago and all of Hollywood, succeeded in turning America into the "Bad Guy." Ted Turner's COLD WAR series alone is a masterstroke of making KGB agents all look like an avuncular Mikhail Gorbachev, while at the same time, portraying the CIA like clones of Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover. I've met young CIA [agents] and they are as quick, sophisticated and alive to everything as any set of intelligence officers in the world!

As to loyalty? I would spend the first year of my administration with regular weekly meetings with the heads and major agents of not only CIA and NSA, but Defense Intelligence as well. FEMA, rather like ATF, has me greatly concerned. I don't know what their priority is -- the American people in any emergency? Or protecting the Federal Government from civil unrest. A Federal Emergency Management doesn't mean, at least to some lawyers in the government, a national emergency, like that of Katrina's devastation in New Orleans. I think FEMA was caught flat-footed in New Orleans because that was not what they were trained for.

TCV: What would you say to voters who are concerned with globalization and internationalists?

MORIARTY: The enemy of globalization and internationalists is individual freedom!
Since Clinton can now only think "Globally" and "Internationally," and was raised to do so by that very adept "Internationalist," Senator William Fulbright,Jr., of Arkansas, I, as President, will think hemispherically: the United Individuals of the Americas. The idea, of course, will start in the United States and hopefully spread.

An American voter is protected by increasing certainty in his or her own importance and, without question, the individual's independence. An unpredictable voting public is a healthy voting public. Not letting Internationalists and Globalists count on demographics and herd statistics, but keeping the number of voting independents RISING! Then the "probabilities" computed by the Clinton/Bush Global Empire and its allies will grow increasingly less dependable. A very good psychiatrist once told me that a psychotic, once you know his or her monomaniacal obsession, is very predictable. A healthy man or woman is ALWAYS a bit UN-predictable.

TAV: You have impressive credentials, but have not held a national office (i.e., senate, congress, federal department head, etc.), what will you say to critics who bring up you lack of political experience?

Hmmmm……well…..without any party to speak of around me, without any urge on my part to be political in any way, this nakedness and absence of any "forces" within my Presidential Campaign, aside from myself, leaves me much more easily x-rayed, so to speak, than those hardened veterans who can get away with saying "read my lips" and then have America watch someone or something else move that politician in the opposite direction to raise taxes.

TCV: Do you believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction? And how would you lead the nation as President?

MORIARTY: With the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, we were not only forced to REMAIN in Vietnam -- Kennedy was due to pull American troops because he realized South Vietnam had no desire to protect its freedom, and America can only help those who help themselves -- we had to eat a socialism not even Kennedy had anticipated, then watch Lyndon Johnson's Dixiecrat love of a Socialist Welfare State grow, and deal with the horrendously personal self-aggrandizement of a Texan who was convinced, as was his successor, Nixon, that the world would end up a Worldwide Socialist Federation anyway, but HE, a "good ole Southern Boy," knew better than Mao Zedong and the Soviets how to run a plantation. So, he was determined to show both Beijing and Moscow who would be "BOSS!"

With the entrance into Washington of the diabolical Dr. Henry A. Kissinger (read Christopher Hitchens, on the not-so-good Doctor K), a virtual reincarnation of Karl Marx himself, the Johnson policies were continued with even greater force and expanded into Cambodia.

The Intellectual Supremacists and the dream of Harvard graduates and professors to finally hold power became a reality. With the Treaty of Paris, ending the War in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh was tacitly given Saigon, but Mao Zedong, with whom Kissinger had been speaking both directly and through Chou Enlai, Mao's Deputy, demanded, if America didn't want anymore trouble with Red China, that America get off of its "moral high ground" and join the quick sands of the Maoist Population Control Policy. The Rehnquist Supreme Court, mostly conservative-appointed, brought in the medical profession to support a sales package that will eventually go down with the sale of the Holocaust.

With the Declaration of Independence virtually burned by the Supreme Court, America entered into this agonizing moral and spiritual decline that she is now in.

The prow of the USS Ship of State, which IS the Declaration of Independence, was cut off thirty-three years ago. It now sits, like a barge, anchored in the East River, among the sewage which also contains the symbols of fetal tissue and stem cell detritus. It only waits to be towed into dock as an increasingly debased, doormat colony of the United Nations, an organization that really does not make a major move without consulting William J. Clinton up in Harlem. No one holds his fingers upon the pulse of America with more sensitivity and bedside manners than Dr. Clinton. The usual question of him by the U. N. is, "Will America let us get away with this?" The former President would know.

I suspect, in the same way, that the Red Chinese Politburo asks the same question of frequent visitor, Dr. Kissinger, whose Kissinger Associates does its main business with China.

So, here's The United States, all wrapped up under Mao Zedong's greatest triumph: dragging America off the high seas and down into the quick sands of the Maoist Final Solution to the Population Problem. With Red China FUNDING terrorist organizations, letting its pit bull, Kim Jong Il, occasionally off the leash to terrorize all of North America, and the New York Times and its owner/editor, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., setting an almost Maoist pace to the destabilizing of American defense, with the mainstream press almost involuntarily following the lead of the New York Times, where do you think America is "heading?"

Into the very suicide which President Abraham Lincoln predicted. He declared that the United States will never die by a foreign power. If America is destroyed, "it will be by suicide!"

First, a Constitutional Amendment MANDATING the Supreme Court to never, ever again DEFY, DENY and DESTROY the Declaration of Independence. Order it to live up to the self-image we started with, all of which is contained in the words: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by our Creator with these inalienable rights: among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

With that, plus the Golden Rule, and an individual freedom virtually exploding with the international Internet, I plan to offer a President who will hearken back to Dwight Eisenhower's self-containment policy and calm under fire, Reagan's mastery as a captain of the USS Ship of State and "holding true to his course," Lincoln's limitless patience with his Cabinet and bottomless faith that, as he said, "right makes might," a Vice-President, hopefully, at least by 2012, former General William Colin Powell, Jr., whose surgical skills at war match any in history -- for THIS vice-president will promise a fierce retaliation for any further efforts to destroy America -- and finally, a repudiation of Eugenics and the Scientific Supremacists by showing how the evolution of all of life, and human life in particular, is one raising human consciousness into the finest form of light, which is love.

It is with that love, in individual freedom under the Golden Rule, that we will renew Kennedy's call to go to the moon and beyond, to people the limitless planets surrounding our Earth and, as Voltaire said, "Make our gardens grow"… continually, endlessly and throughout the eternity it will take to find the end of our universe.

(Interview by Jim Kouri, TCV Staff)

Article issu de The Conservative Voice et
initialement publié le 16/08/06.

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