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27 Novembre 2022

Hasselbeck Rips into Law & Order
Publié par Gina Serpe dans E! Online le 25/10/06.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't take kindly to being ripped from the headlines.

The View cohostess aired her grievances Tuesday over a recent episode of Law & Order: SVU that featured a character who was not only raped and killed but whose name bore a more than a passing resemblance to her own.

The episode, which aired last week, featured a fictional 30-year-old New York woman named Elizabeth Hassenback as its victim, something the nonfictional 29-year-old New York woman says she found "a little disturbing" and less than coincidental.

The Survivor vet sounded off about the incident during the femme-fueled chatfest, saying she did not watch that particular SVU episode but heard about it from a friend, prompting her to phone up one of the show's executive producers, whom she declined to name but who both the New York Post and New York Daily News identified as Neal Baer.

"I told him 'Look, I want to let you know that I think it's socially irresponsible and gruesomely suggestive to do this in today's day and age,'" Hasselbeck said. "I know what you guys did. It's essentially my name."

After being rooted on by none other than den mother Barbra Walters, Hasselbeck continued her story, saying the unnamed exec was "defensive right from the jump" and said to "just chalk that up to coincidence."

"And I said, 'Really? That's funny. Because your show is so not based on coincidence and pulls things from the headlines and is so focused on headlines, so I'm having a hard time chalking this up to coincidence.'"

In Hasselbeck's defense, there have been headlines concerning the conservative hostess that are ripe for ripping.

Last April, Hasselbeck said she and her husband, NFL player Tim Hasselbeck, had been stalked and harassed by an individual who was phoning in "false," "creepy" and "disturbing" accusations to New York authorities alleging the twosome were poor parents.

While she never revealed the exact nature of the allegations or delved too deeply into how she was stalked, chances are, Law & Order hit a little too close to home.

Hasselbeck said that the producer apologized for the perceived resemblance in monikers, albeit, in her opinion, halfheartedly, at which point she pulled out her trump card—though in the future, she may want to double-check with Walters before threatening to ban well-liked celebrities from The View.

"I never want to sit next to anyone on that show, and I think they're good actors and good people, but I can't sit next to them without feeling as though I've been disrespected and put at risk," she said, adding that at that point, the producer hung up with a terse "goodbye, lady."

A spokesperson for the show didn't comment directly on the brewing Hassenback-Hasselbeck smackdown, but did release a statement to People saying that all character names are vetted and cleared through their legal department before making it on air.

The rep did, however, address Hasselbeck's apparent inability in the future to sit next to the show's stars, among them Emmy winner and onetime View cohost Mariska Hargitay.

"The producers of SVU absolutely love The View and are totally thrilled when one of our actors are on the show," the spokesperson told the magazine. "Mariksa has cohosted the show. Chris [Meloni], Richard [Belzer] and Ice-T have all been on the show."

Even Walters herself felt the need to intervene on the show's behalf—and do some quick damage control—calling Hargitay and Meloni "favorite guests" of the show.

It wasn't the first time Walters has stepped in to prevent Hasselbeck's emotions from steamrolling the morning show.

In August, Hasselbeck found herself at the receiving end of some tsks when she became more than passionate about her opposition to the morning-after pill. Walters attempted to quell the runaway emotion by telling her to "calm down" and "stop yelling" and reminding her that "we're all adults."

The following month, she received eerily similar warnings from Walters after spouting off against Rosie O'Donnell on the issue of gun control. Just a few weeks ago, she completed her offensive trifecta, by drawing similarly clashing comments from Joy Behar when discussing patriotism.

The increasingly frequent outbursts have led many to wonder whether she will follow in Star Jones Reynolds' footsteps, rumors she addressed on air earlier this week by saying she wasn't going anywhere.

"They do want us to fight," O'Donnell said. "But we love each other."

Article issu de E! Online et
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