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1 Décembre 2022

'Law & Order' actor urged to run for the White House
Publié dans The Boston Globe le 11/03/07.

One Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan, served as president for eight years. So why can't an actor who plays a district attorney on television?

Fred Thompson, who portrays Arthur Branch on NBC's police drama "Law & Order," is being urged to pursue the GOP nomination by several Tennessee Republicans.

Howard Baker, former Senate majority leader, has been trying to drum up support among senators.

Representative Zach Wamp has been talking with colleagues in the House. "We need that kind of star quality, but most importantly we need his strength and resolve," Wamp said.

Thompson, 64, the minority counsel in the Watergate investigation, was elected to the Senate in 1994 to fill the unexpired term of Vice President Al Gore. But he hasn't spoken a line about the White House.

The real Obama
Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd at a New York fund-raiser last week, but the person who had the audience laughing the hardest was his wife.

Michelle Obama told roaring audience members at the Grand Hyatt Hotel that she sometimes wishes she could live with the same character she sees on TV and hears about in the media -- calling that man "Barack Obama the phenomenon."

"Then there's the Barack Obama who lives in my house," she said. "That guy's not as impressive. He still has trouble . . . putting his socks actually in the dirty clothes, and he still doesn't do a better job than our 5-year-old daughter Sasha at making his bed, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little stunned at this whole Barack Obama thing."

A child shall lead them
Hillary, Barack, Rudy, John, and Mitt: Meet Susie.

The Children's Defense Fund has launched a fictitious candidate -- 10-year-old Susie Flynn -- and an imaginary presidential campaign to press White House hopefuls to address the problem of the nation's 9 million children without health insurance.

In some of the ads, Susie stands on the Capitol steps or in front of the White House, asking why the government can't fund insurance coverage for children 18 and younger when it's spending billions on the Iraq war. The ads are on a website, , and in theaters, but the organization is considering buying time on television.

House to White House
Consider this list of members of the House: liberal Dennis Kucinich, Democrat of Ohio; conservative Duncan Hunter, Republican of California; libertarian Ron Paul, Republican of Texas; and anti-illegal-immigration crusader Tom Tancredo, Republican of Colorado. What do they have in common?

They are all running for president. History is unkind to House members. The last -- and only -- member of the House elected directly to the presidency was our 20th president, James Garfield.

"I know it was a long time ago," offered Hunter. In fact, 127 years ago.

Compiled from Globe news services.

Article issu de The Boston Globe et
initialement publié le 11/03/07.

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