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29 Novembre 2022

NBC Seizes Wolf's 'Power'
Publié dans Zap2It le 13/02/06.

"Law & Order" mastermind Dick Wolf is developing yet another show for NBC, but in a major departure from his usual M.O., he's looking to tell a serialized story.

The new project, called "Power," will follow young U.S. attorneys and FBI agents who target corruption and crime among those at the top of the Hollywood food chain, the showbiz trade papers say. It's a subject Wolf says he's long been interested in, and it has a news hook with the recent indictment of well-known Tinseltown private eye Anthony Pellicano on illegal wiretapping and other charges.

"Dick Wolf has come up with an especially timely, compelling series concept in 'Power,'" NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly says. "This certainly has the potential to be another groundbreaking series from Dick and his proven creative team."

Wolf has long resisted serialized storytelling -- all three "Law & Order" series and upcoming NBC show "Conviction," about green New York City prosecutors, feature close-ended episodes. Procedurals tend to do better in syndication, but Wolf tells the trades that big business for DVD sales and downloads of shows like "24" and "Lost" caused him to take another look at continuing plots.

"Power" is still in the early stages of development and therefore isn't among NBC's possible contenders for fall 2006. Wolf has yet to pick a writer for the pilot script.

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