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6 Décembre 2022

No Law & Order on Picket Line
Publié par Rachel Thomas dans le 11/01/08.

It's only natural that in any strike situation for emotions to run high on both sides of the fence, especially when hundreds of millions of dollars are involved. However, when violence is added to the equation, it can bring those already-frayed emotions to another level. Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that while picketing at Fox Studios, Law & Order: Criminal Intent co-creator/Law & Order showrunner Rene Balcer was struck by a Fox employee in a black SUV while walking the crosswalk at the Gate 3 entrance near Avenue of the Stars.

From screaming to actually hitting a picketer with his vehicle (no injuries), witnesses at the scene report that this employee had been a problem all week, enough so that a strike captain had issued a warning to WGA members about this particular driver.

While walking the crosswalk, Balcer was struck by the vehicle and thrown several feet. Witnesses claim that when the driver got out of the car, Balcer told him that what he did was considered assault and the driver then slugged the writer and threw him onto Avenue of the Stars. As the incident was occurring, Fox security was called for help, but the guard never bothered to respond. He did however open the gate for the Fox employee.

Following the incident, police were called to the scene and took statements from the victim and witnesses. There is no word as to whether Balcer will press charges, but News Corp. stated that they are investigating the matter and have closed Gate 3 for the time being. Sounds to me like someone needs anger management classes.

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