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29 Septembre 2022

Noth and Chiklis, Two Great Crime Drama Actors, Bow Out
Publié dans The Improper le 08/09/08.

The final “Law And Order” show with Chris Noth aired recently, and it was even billed as “Logan's most traumatic case ... ever!” As a fan from day one, even before Noth and the late-great Jerry Orbach even appeared, I prepped myself to view it very, very carefully, and, you know what... it was a well written show. It referenced a case some 16 years earlier, and even Lenny Briscoe, Orbach's character, but the episode's title “Last Rite” sent a shiver through me.

Allowing for several great moments between Noth and Eric (Talk Radio) Bogosian. But, that said, it totally left the door wide open for Noth to perhaps return for a third time. Noth is an enigma in my opinion, he's a terrific actor with a good part. I mean, you may not even recall that he was the new husband for Helen Hunt in Tom Hank's terrific movie “Cast Away.” Probably not.

But, I don't think there's a sole out there who doesn't know him a “Mr. Big” from “Sex and The City.” I've seen Noth many a time at his club The Cutting Room in New York, and even up at Elaine's holding court. One senses that there's always a lot going on. He's a really funny guy, great sense of humor when you get his ear. Interestingly enough, Noth's final scene was with this priest who figured most prominently in the plot, essentially saying 'Mike, get a life.' It was actually one of the best little monologues I've heard of late.

Interestingly, L&O creator Dick Wolf wrote the episode and again delivered the goods. If you're a fan, you might want to dial up the TV Guide site and go onto the letters section for this episode. When I watched it the first time, I didn't really care for it, but after viewing the comments and watching it a second time, I got it. Thank God for Tivo. Noth should do just fine in a series of new movie roles, but, for this fan, he is and will always be Detective Mike Logan. All the best Chris, you will be missed.

The Shield Fades Away
Michael Chiklis

One of the best-ever cable shows FX's “The Shield” (with the terrific Michael Chiklis at the helm) will air its final episode on Nov. 25. Their 7th and final season begins on Sept. 3. The showed bowed in March 2002 to solid ratings and stellar reviews. During its run, it featured the likes of Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker in the revolving cast and drew constant raves for the show's twists and turns.

Chiklis' character Vic Mackey; one day you were with him and then you weren't. Suffice to say, he got things done, and these days, if anyone can do that it has to be appreciated. I was a fan from day one and honestly don't know how they'll go out. Most of the methods Mackey employed usually did not go over well, but his personal conviction and resonance was always compelling. Surely he was one of TV's major characters. The show will be missed.

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