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9 Décembre 2022

Chris Noth Bashes Law & Order; Back in NYC for Play
Publié dans The Improper le 10/11/08.

Chris Noth, Mr. Big in "Sex and the City" and more recently Detective Mike Logan in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," is back in New York City, this time to take on an off-Broadway role in a new political drama Farragut North. But the super-cool actor apparently can't leave well enough alone.

After shooting the SATC movie, he bashed New York City, where the show was set, and said the sequel should be set in London. Now, he’s bashing Law & Order. Both productions gave a major boost to his low-profile career. Wonder what he'll say when he leaves the Off-Broadway play?

Noth played Logan on the original series from 1990-95 and starred in a "Law & Order" TV movie, "Exiled," in 1998. "I think we had some good writers and I think we did some great shows so I don't want to sound cynical. But in general, that kind of TV runs on its own impetus. It doesn't require great subtlety of acting or any kind of requirement beyond driving the plot forward so people get the reversals in the story," he told the AP in a recent interview.

Noth expressed a complicated mix of frustration and appreciation toward Dick Wolf's "Law & Order" empire, with its spin-offs and rotating casts, according to the report. He thinks the series is ultimately more focused on profit than art. Talk about damning with faint praise.

"I think that can make you cynical as an actor and I think it can make you feel like acting doesn't matter and I think it does matter," he said. "I think it is a noble art and theater makes you realize that." No, he is cynical.

The people he’s working with in his new production better watch their backs. The play, written by Beau Willimon follows the top campaign staff of a Democratic candidate for president in the frantic last days before the key Iowa caucuses. Noth stars as Paul Zara, the campaign manager. Co-star John Gallagher Jr. won a Tony Award for his performance in Spring Awakening, and plays the campaign's ambitious press secretary.

Also in the cast are Isiah Whitlock Jr. of HBO's "The Wire" and Olivia Thirlby, who starred in The Wackness and Juno.

On stage, Noth previously starred in the Broadway performance of "The Best Man," a revival of another political drama written by Gore Vidal. He worked there with Director Doug Hughes, who will be helming the latest effort at the Linda Gross Theater, where the play will run through Nov. 29.

Noth has a habit of burning bridges behind him. After shooting the movie of “Sex and the City” he bashed New York City, although he has deep roots here. Noth's comments came just weeks after “Sex and The City” producers snubbed the Big Apple for the world premiere of the film, and held it in London instead.

Noth, 53, who moved to NYC in the 1970s, told Interview magazine: "New York is pretty much commercialized to the point of no return." Noth says he misses the "diverse eccentrics" and "different neighborhoods" that were once a big part of the city.

After leaving Law & Order, Noth headed for California to spend some down time with long-time girlfriend Tara Wilson, who is the mother of Noth’s nine-month-old son, Orion. Noth was intent on renovating their home when he got a call about starring in the play. "You read the play and you're always astonished when someone is interested in you for something that's really exceptionally well written," Noth said. "They really want me?"

Good question: Do they really want him?

Noth is slated to star in a romantic comedy next year, starring in "My One and Only" with Renee Zellweger. Noth is also collaborating with "Apocalypse Now" writer John Milius on a limited TV series for AMC called "Saigon Bureau" about combat photojournalists who died in Vietnam. He has been working on the project since 2001, after stumbling into a museum in Saigon where photos of photographers were on display. He has been "obsessed" with their work ever since, he said.

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