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29 Septembre 2022

Law & Order: SVU: There Goes Benson's Past Again
Publié dans BuddyTV le 02/12/08.

BuddyTV reader jayddw couldn’t have said it any better last week: “I guess when it hits closer to home, anyone would tend to get overly involved.” And who wouldn’t? It’s one of those times when you feel you can do so much more because you’ve been through it, without realizing that you’re stepping the line, favorably or otherwise. In the case of Law & Order: SVU, not everybody is immune to it. Of course, you can only refer to Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), whose dedication to her work gets in the way more often than not.

After all, she’s got a past. You know it all too well: she was the result of her mother’s rape, an issue which never got closure upon her mother’s death. Later she would experience sexual abuse of her own—remember when she went undercover for a case, only to come very close to be the case herself? That, of course, comes into play whenever she handles cases, especially when it also involves sexual abuse. I know police officers and investigators should keep their distance as much as possible whenever they’re on duty to prevent their judgment from being muddled, but when you’ve come from a background like Olivia’s, it must be a real struggle.

Last week’s episode, “Persona”, was another example of that. Why else would you go to the length of hiding in someone’s cupboard, just to be sure that the crime doesn’t happen again. Tonight’s episode proves that it is an inevitability. “PTSD” is what it’s called—what does it stand for, anyway?—and there, the team deals with yet another rape case. A young female Marine disappears from her post, just as she’s about to give birth to her child, which was conceived during rape. She fights, with Navy commander Grant Marcus (guest star Frank Whaley) and ADA Kim Greylek (Michaela McManus), to keep the case in their jurisdiction—but her past catches up with her yet again, and she severely questions her ability to keep a professional demeanor on things.

It’s always interesting to see someone battle personal demons, especially when it gets in the way, so tonight’s episode must be riveting. Law & Order: SVU hits the screens tonight from 10pm on NBC. Also, if you’ve missed the episode where Jesse McCartney plays a murder suspect, you can catch it on Saturday from 10pm. You don’t have to miss an episode, after all.

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